The Day I quit my day job to become a Cam Model

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

I wanted to share the story of how I started cosplay, and cam modeling business. It all started when I was a teen gal, I always loved making fun outfits, painting on my clothes, cutting them up and redesigning them. I grew up always thinking I would do fashion design in part of my life. Then my dad got me my first canon DSLR camera when I was 16. I was so excited and fell in love with photography right then.

          Also, growing up in an age of technology I had a cell phone through my teen years. So of coarse I got into doing my makeup, taking sexy pics, and what not. I would self timer the cam and do my own little photo sets. Every day after school I would put it in the window and stand in the light with my bedroom lights off so it could focus on me. I also always made my own wooden bead and feather jewelry. Or I would turn starburst wrappers into hair clips, do acrylic nails made of money etc. People always knew me as the unique girl with the unique fashion.

      My whole life people told me I should model, especially my mom. She always told me I was beautiful, always would stop and look at the modeling stands in the mall and daydream with me about doing it one day. Though, she never got me into it because she was worried the modeling industry would mess me up as a kid. She didn't want men trying to fuck me, or people trying to get me to do coke and drugs etc. Well mom, I am happy you thought that way because a lot of the time it is true for children models and actors. Mama bear protected me and kept me safe as long as she could.

               So once I met my ex bf I told him my modeling dreams, and he believed I could do it. But I lost my camera and everything I had when I left the two crazy bitches I dated together in Miami. When I went back to get my stuff they said they pawned it all. Probably not true but either way my nice camera my dad got me as a teen was gone. I told my partner my dad would be so pissed and he couldn't find out! So he went and bought me a new camera exactly like the one my dad got me so I could pretend I never lost it, and so we could make my modeling portfolio. I could not afford photographers at the time, and we weren't going to let that stop us.

        So we started shooting. I started learning how to mess with the cam settings to get better pics, and lighting as well. I remember we used flood lights for our shoots because it was all we had to start. We also did a lot of outdoors nature shoots just so I could practice modeling and he could learn the camera basics.

        We would go to the beach, and parks all through Miami and run around and take pics. We lived with his parents for a little bit and would do shoots around the house. Different themes and styles. We would make mini backdrops in our room and change into different outfits, I remember we even borrowed his brothers rocker clothes and accessories from his room, we would just use anything and make it a prop. We shot over the years, and then I got pregnant. After giving birth the first full year I laid low and focused on breastfeeding and healing my body. Once a year passed I started to get cabin fever and I worked at a brewery in Waynesville NC for several years. 

              This is when I started shooting again, I also had an etsy shop where I made custom fairy/witchy/gnome themed costumes for babies and adults. I loved making clothes and taking pics so I started making my own outfits and then we would go shooting. 

        I went to my first comic con in Miami and I remember I did my very own shitty version of Rikku from Final Fantasy. To my surprise kids were coming up to me saying are you Rikku?! I was astonished because I thought nobody would be able to tell with my home made costume. I was also conscious of my body because that was shortly after giving birth and I had a little belly pudge and was wearing a crop top vest but I didn't care I loved my body way to much to hide it !

                   But going back to being up here in NC, I was always looking for online or work from home jobs. The etsy shop i had was slow and didn't really pay the bills. So I was applying to amazon and other customer service gigs. Then my ex found out about cam models. He was shocked because growing up all he had was playboy magazines to jack off to. He also found Jessica Nigri and all the cosplay models online too. He showed it to me and said babe you would be amazing in this! You love to make costumes, your beautiful and sexual, this is for you.

          I was surprised my he was okay with me cam modeling and saw it as a positive thing... I got so super excited. We started looking at cam sites, instagrams, twitters, patreons, etc. It was only a week or two before I decided I wanted to go for it. So I started a cam show. My first name was Dakota River. I think the first site I used was or something like that. It was through a studio I believe. So I would waitress like crazy all day, then come home and cam all night. I barely slept for weeks but I was addicted! Hearing the dings go off, it felt like winning at a casino. It was REAL money!

     I started to cam, started making naughty clips on my shitty webcam, and did what I could. I was really getting into it and knew I would genuinely want to do this. I could make costumes on camera, wear them, and model them, then strip naked! Oh how fun it was.

          One day I was going to work at the brewery, and I walked in. It was early before opening so people were there mopping and setting up the bar, etc. My friend ran up to me and was like, " Oh my god Kitty, they know what you do... and I think they mentioned something about you not working here." My heart dropped, and I went to the back office. No manager. The way my friend approached me made it seem like it was negative and people were upset with me over it. So I didn't clock in, I paced around the restaurant and told anyone who was already there it was NO ONES business what i did at home on my own time, and if they would fire me over it no problem I'll quit first.

     My manager showed up so I marched straight to his office. He was sitting at his chair and I stood right over him and said, "Do you have something to say to me, does someone here have a problem with me and my personal hobbies, because it really has nothing to do with this work here." He was such a sweet man, he turned red and blushed, I could tell he was bashful to talk about me fucking myself on camera, ahha. He said, "No Kitty, the owner was just saying he was worried about your safety if you did that and worked here." I told him I knew that already, and agreed. I also went on and reminded him recently I said I would be putting in my two weeks, and that today was that day. I said I wanted to quit serving and chase my cam modeling business. He was so sad because I was one of the best workers there, they even tried to make me a manager because they felt I was the one they could count on and trust, but he understood. 

      I did my two weeks and finished serving. Though, we knew it wouldn't pay the bills right away so my partner got a job at a factory in town.

      The next couple months were hell. The fucked up part was I didn't check the internet situation in the new town I moved to. It was way out by some farms, and satellite internet was all they had. 

        It made it sooo hard, not only did I have a slow old computer but terrible internet service. My show was constantly lagging and nobody wanted to stay in my room. It was super discouraging, although I made some money still but barely anything.

        I decided to make a change.I would break my brand new lease to go live with my father in law back in Florida. It was really sad to go back there because I can't stand FL but my parents would get quality time with their grand so. So I did it, but I promised myself a year tops and we will be back in NC. 

       It took 8 months of non stop camming to make enough steady to pay rent for my own place. My ex, son, and I all lived in one small room together, and then his dad and his brother lived in the house as well. So it was a full house with tight quarters. When I would cam my he would have to hang out in the living room with the kid alllll day or take him out just to stay busy and watch our kid so I could cam. 

             When 8 months came and we did good, it was time to move to our own place. That way my boys could be comfortable while I am streaming, and they wouldn't have to sit and hang with his dad and brother allllll the time. His brother was a cokehead and had drinking issues so he was not fun to live with lol. And he would eat all our groceries in the middle of the night and never buy any himself, it was time to get the fuck out of there.

          We knew we wanted to go to NC, but we decided why don't we move near Disney for a while. We are Disney addicts and wanted to get annual passes and so we did !  This was a great time for me business wise, I finally had my own huge studio shoot room. I did cam shows every day steady on a schedule, from sewing, to costume making, body painting, stripping, and squirting! I was so excited to go to Disney so I would wake up at 6am and cam til 12 or 1pm and then go to Disney the rest of the day. At that time I was non stop making new looks and characters come to life. I was building up a momentum and I could see my fan base growing. We also upgraded from our Canon to a Sonya6000 and got two umbrella lights. Not the biggest most expensive and professional upgrade, but it was a big step up from what we had. This is when we got even more serious about learning photography and were so excited to take our quality to the next level. This would change our business, make us look more professional! It was a exciting time for us, but  we only lived there for a few months before we broke our lease, Orlando was a just as crazy city as Miami and after having to evacuate from the big Hurricane we were super paranoid. 

                 Then we decided to move to Georgia! I moved near one of my sisters because I missed her and wanted to be near family, also so my son could have his Auntie near by and we could babysit for each other. We lived in a little trailer on a big chunk of land with a shed, I would do more camming and now with a shed so more costume and armor building. 

          Over all these years by the way..from when we first moved back to Florida and made the official move to quit our day jobs and start our own content business we went to as many conventions as we could. I would wear costumes, walk around, hand out my card, go meet cosplayers, buy prints to support them, take pics and tag them on my social media. I put myself out there in the cosplay community to network and spread my name/work. This was another part of building my brand and getting it on its feet.

                      After a while we got bored of Georgia, and our son was getting older. We knew we needed to settle down where we wanted to buy a house one day so he can have more stability. Georgia was ghetto as shit and we preferred the magical mountains. 

                 So AGAIN, we moved back to WNC and landed in Asheville. At last! We felt happy to be where we felt like we were at home. For the past two years since we got back we have been shooting and continuing to chase our goals. Studying photography, and editing, furthering our self taught skills. Staying focused.

     When I look back during the time period of living in Orlando, and Georgia I kind of messed up my momentum though... I first was streaming on MFC, Twitch and had my patreon fan club. But then new cam sites, cosplay video sites, and other brands started reaching out to me. They saw I was a up and coming rising star, and wanted me to model for them. This broke my momentum, I was thinking being the first model on these new sites I saw had the potential to blow up would benefit me. It actually threw me off, I was all over the internet, my fans were confused where to find me. It exhausted them and me. I ended up going back to my original sites because its where I worked on the most, and I just did the best there. Also, as I have mentioned before a famous cosplayers boyfriend once told me if I were a cam  model I wouldn't be successful in cosplay. This tore me up for years made me worry about every move I made.I deleted my manyvids store, and reopened it, then deleted it again. I would take my solo porn vids all down and stopped taking nudes then I would start again. So the inconsistency and doubt really put my fan base off a bit. The true fans stuck around through it and still supported me but the back and forth of coarse disappointed me and others. Now I think of how I couldn't of gotten this far or gone full time as a model and cosplayer if it weren't for my xxx content! So i realized I needed to be proud of my work, because it was making me successful despite of what that guy said to me years ago.

           So this year I have been REALLY hard core focusing on my brand. I have taken a step back from camming to take a breather. It was not easy being on cam 8+ hours a day and barely making $100.. that's how much I made as a waitress so what as the point of doing all this is I wasn't going to succeed! I mean damn, it was my passion but trying to pay the bills with it was super hard. I have not given up though, this year I decided I needed to make some changes. I took a break from camming so my fans would miss me and their cocks would throb waiting for me to come back. I also wanted to focus on what made me more money for a while so I could get out of debt and be able to invest in bettering my business. My partner at the time and I had like 15-20k debt in credit cards from all the costume materials we invested in, the cons we had traveled too, etc. We knew we didn't regret it because it was investments, that every business takes a few years to break even and rise above, if you can make it to that point with it. Some people give up and move on, but there is no way we are giving up.

         So like I said this year I pulled back for a small break from camming. I decided to focus on getting out of the debt that I was drowning in, get rid of my old crashed up car and got my family a new safe one. I also finally started to get more tattoo work done, including covering and fixing several old shitty ones. I rejoined the gym and started to get a few work outs in and relax in the steam room. I stopped wearing glue on nails and started going to salons to get my nails and toes professionally done. I also stopped bleaching my hair myself and started to go to a professional to color it right and fix the damage. And I even got myself a nose job so I can feel more symmetrical and confident about my face.

         I have been reading books like The Power of positive energy, The Law of Attraction, The Power of Now, etc. All books an anonymous cam show viewer sent to my p.o. box, which I will love and cherish him forever for. Because those were my interests, and he sent those to me to help engrave those principles in my life further so I could really make the mental and energetic changes to reach my goals.

               I still want to become Miss MyFreeCams one day, I still want to win an AVN award and I want my site to blow up so I can do a world wide photo shoot tour. I used to worry about getting modeling gigs though companies, and conventions. Then I realized my own shit was even better and that is what I want to build. My own queendom, my own empire.

        So now it feels like a new beginning, a new and improved me, new and improved content. Even though i started years ago I feel like now I am really starting my business because I have the tools to do really be considered a professional now. I have moved away from Patreon because of the porn limits and decided to set myself free finally to a new club and I redid my website and added a store with stickers, prints, and videos.

     I have decided this IS my passion, and I DO believe I can stand out from the rest with my work. I want to change the world, and the only way I realize I can do that is by being my true self, and sharing that with the world. Being authentic and helping people find their own authenticity. It has been NON stop work over the years, not hanging with friends or family much, constantly streaming, photo/video editing, snap chatting, website updating and promoting on social media. I am blessed and lucky to do what I love, and I won't give up on my goals.

               I still want to become Miss MyFreeCams one day, I still want to win an AVN award and I want my site to blow up so I can do a world wide photoshoot tour. I used to worry about getting modeling gigs though companies, and conventions. Then I realized my own shit was even better and that is what I want to build. My own queendom, my own empire.

          So thanks to everyone who has believed in me and continues to. If you love my work and want to support be the best ways are to join my fanclub and buy my naughty videos. Also paypal donations are awesome because they dont take a big percentage cut like the sites I sell my adult content do. I love when people donate just to help my business, just to invest in my dreams. Whether its camera equipment, wigs, lingerie, costumes, or even travel money to make a shoot happen I am MORE than grateful for any and all support. I couldn't do this shit without you guys and gals! I know you work hard for your money, and there are so many models and artist on the internet, the fact you chose me? Makes my heart soar. So many of you say you think I will be bigger than I think bigger than being a cosplay model..for so long I denied it but I finally believe in myself the way you all do. So with all that positive energy from you all and from within, I really do feel I can reach my big goals.

             So as soon as I am healed get ready! I'll be on a shooting spree, and this time I am going to make award winning content. I have a shit load of new costumes and I am so ready to set off Kitty 3.0 full throttle, are you?Let's do this! & Thank you again for reading my blogs! It makes me feel special and worthy that anyone cares about me enough to take the time to learn more about me. Much love and light to you all <3 xoxo

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