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Teaching a friend to Squirt!

So this story isn't a companion one. This is a personal one and I am dying to share it. This year has been a very empowering year for me. I have been pushing myself to face my fears, and do things I have never before, or have been hesitating to do. One of the biggest things was to finally let go of the negativity I have in my mind toward women. There have been some questionable experiences in my life, of women being shitty to me. So I became a pussy, and I hid from them. I ignored them, and looked down on them. I casted them out of my mind as friends, lovers, everything.

This year though, I have craved female friends. Instead of any time I get a moment alone...running off to hook up with a guy. I needed some nurturing sisterhood hangs. Some of that divine feminine energy. That is why I signed up to pole dance class, aside from wanting confidence and connection with my body... I wanted to open myself up to other women. I sent signals out to the universe, I have been calling for the divine feminine to come to me...

I have also been on and off with viewing women on dating apps. I have matched with some and been asked out but never took the offers. It was very confusing to me to go on a date with a chick. I am not sure if I could fall in love with one but definitely hook up. Women are so confusing too so I wasn't sure what vibe the date would be like. With men it is easy, I can giggle and play footsies at dinner. Go in for a kiss whenever and feel indestructible. Though, with women I was intimidated with the idea of having to make the first move. Girls can be so flirty and friendly too especially if it was a spontaneous situation I just would not be able to tell if a girl is straight or not.

But things got real recently, she had made hints at me for months in our conversations but I wasn't sure if she just wanted a friend to open up to sexually or if she was interested in more. We finally started to have more direct conversations about it so that was it, I knew what she wanted and there was no avoiding it, ahha. One of my overnight bookings got canceled, and so she asked to come over. I made some excuses about needing some time to decide because I was going to try to find another booking that night. But I didn't in time and I didn't want to wait any longer, so I told her to come over.

But things got real recently, she had made hints at me for months in our conversation but I wasn't sure if she just wanted a friend to open up to sexually or if she was interested in more. We finally started to have more direct conversations about it so that was it, I knew what she wanted and there was no avoiding it, ahha. One of my overnight bookings got canceled, and so she asked to come over. I made some excuses about needing some time to decide because I was going to try to find another booking that night. But I didn't in time and I didn't want to wait any longer, so I told her to come over.

When she came, I was a little stressed I was recently out the shower and in bummy pajama clothes. I wanted to be a sex doll and take her out before our first inevitable hook up. The thing is, she had never been with a woman before. So I would fantasize about taking her to a gay club for her first lesbian kiss, and lighting candles everywhere when we got back home. I am VERY theatrical and I love my life to feel like a bunch of movie scenes. So yes I am dramatic don't make fun of me!

As soon as I opened the door, she walked in with a messy hair bun and sweat pants on. I laughed, and was relieved, cozy mode. We sat down on my couch like normal and just started to talk and chat. Time had started to pass and we were still talking and I thought myyy goodness we are so in friend mode right now, how do I do this how do I switch the situation. How do I change our relationship too, because she is a good friend and we have hung so many times before on a completely platonic vibe so I wasn't sure how to open this new door.

My uber eats even arrived and I had to go downstairs to get it. When I did I thought, I can't eat food before we fuck and get bad breath! So I walked in, and set my food down on the counter. I walked over to the couch and stood in front of her and got really loud, almost shouting, "Alright what are we going to do? How are we going to do this?" and I was smirking at her like okay bishhhhh let's do it! She was telling me "I don't know!" over and over when I would ask what she wanted. Did she want me to kiss her and play with her? Did she want to just play with ourselves next to eachother? Does she want to hold my iphone and help me record my content videos? She just kept saying she didn't know. Which meant, she wanted me to fuck her. Lol. She wasn't saying No to the me kissing her part, so I knew she was maybe just a little afraid to say yes. :) So I said, "Okay I'm going to do this then...." Reviewing a little plan in my head, ha, and then asked for her consent to kiss her. I asked if it was okay, she nodded and said yes... I repeated myself again and said "I have consent to come and do this, to kiss you?" She said yes again. So now we could really begin. I had to make sure I was walking in through an open door and not breaking in through a window. She is a straight woman and I didn't want to make her uncomfortable her first time ever. Or anytime, ever.

So I leaned in over her and came in for kisses. I lingered for a second and started tracing my fingers on her chest and over her breast. I then laid my palm flat on her chest and rubbed it around lightly in the middle. I remember seeing her eyes closing right when mine did, seeing her lips one last time before my lids were closed making sure I stay on path. Then we started to kiss and they were the sweetest softest kisses. Her lips were so perfect in size and softness. I stopped to tell her she was a good kisser and then we kept going. I remember how excited I was to play with her boobs. I was not used to that because I am always with men. I think I even told her how excited I was to play with her boobs. We were rolling our tongues and dipping them into each other's mouths. I was softly squeezing her tits and nipples over her shirt and then I reached under to touch her bare breasts with my hands. I felt up and down her body cupping and squeezing her ass too. It was soooo hot I was like WHOA right away. I was happy that I had no weird uncomfortable feelings at all. She seemed like she was into it too so that made me feel even better.

I pushed her shirt up to get her breast out so I could kiss and play with them more. Eventually, I stood up and started to peel her sweat pants off smiling at her and saying, "Time to get these off!" When I took them off I smiled SO big and giggled and shouted at her that her blue lace panties were so cute and asking if she wore those for me. I immediately pulled my pants down and showed her the lace panties I wore for her. It was so cute how we both dressed like bums but had some sexy lacey bottoms on for eachother. We were totally on the same page.

So I had her down to her panties and I made her lay down on my couch in a better direction where she could spread out better. I kissed her more, pet her pussy over her panties, kissed down her chest, her ribs, her stomach and hip bones. I started to kiss over her panties all over her pussy. Blowing warm air on her clit and then i started to lick her pussy OVER her panties. I wanted to get kinky, soak those undies, and draw out the tease as long as possible. So I licked and licked over her lace til I felt it wet. I could hear her sweet moans which were motivating me to keep going.

Then I pulled her panties off. Slowly spread her legs and kissed her all over her inner thighs, closer and closer to her pussy. I spread it in delight to see the prettiest pussy I have EVER seen in REAL LIFE. Her clit and inner lips were petite and pink, I thought it was just soooo cute. I started kissing and licking her pussy it smelled and tasted so great too. So that was another relief to me. I was excited to dive in even more but still trying to draw it out. No fingers yet, just my tongue all over her pussy from her clit to her hole. I was loving when my tongue would go INTO her pussy I could taste her sweetness even more. In my head I was like WOW, I LOVE TO EAT PUSSY. I hadn't been with a woman in years and the last two times it was with couples so it wasn't a one on one female situation. This time it was just me and her so I could really focus on if I like being with a woman personally. Not just for a man's entertainment.

She was squirming and moaning, having a good time, I eventually added one finger in. I had long nails so I was SO nervous. I went so slow and when I went inside I tried to push the middle of my finger up instead of the tip of my finger so I wouldn't hurt her with my acrylics. I talked to her through it all. Asking if me doing each thing was okay. Now that I am typing this out I realize how much Consent I needed from her through the whole process hahahaha. I guess, I don't know...she seemed like a precious woman I didn't want to hurt her at all ever. She has a sweet, soft, dainty little body I wanted only to pamper.

I got two fingers and was pushing up on her gspot. I didn't want to go in and out much because of my nails, so I focused on going up and down. I wanted to also make her squirt so that was the plan anyways. I think I must of ate and fingered her pussy for the next half hour so. We went through a series of waves where she would get closer and closer to cumming but wouldn't. She would stop and explain what she was feeling with her body, and things she was noticing she is doing with her mind too and how it was keeping her from cumming. She told me things she liked, and she asked for MORE. >:)

She told me she felt like she had to pee almost, and I confirmed that is what squirting is like. She was afraid to squirt on me and my couch, she was afraid pee would come out. So she kept stopping herself. I stayed there perched in between her legs with my fingers inside of her up on my knees and looking down reassuring her that she CAN come for me. I felt bad because I hate when guys ask me to cum because then it becomes forced, and a performance. (I mean I guess I don't always hate it, mostly when I am just not ready yet lol.) But I went ahead and promised her she can squirt all over me. To let it out. That even if it is piss, she can piss all over my face. I giggled and told her I am pretty sure I have never told that to anyone before. But I begged and said please just don't hold back, squirt and make all the mess she wants.

So we started at it again, I was trying to mix it up and start over with some really sexy kisses while I fingered her to get her super horny again since we broke out of the groove into a conversation. I kept working her pussy, listening to her moans getting faster and louder. She would guide me and tell me harder, up, this and that. Then instead of squeezing, her pussy started to push. I was amazed, even though my pussy does the same thing when I am going to squirt but it was so cool to be on the other side feeling it. She even said in the middle of moaning how it is pushing now. I encouraged her Yes, Yes, keep going... then I started to see a little bit of squirt, then more, and then she was squirting a lot high in the air and all over my legs and arms. Her moans got loud and I was like, " YES BABE!" So happy and cheering her on, then she started to wind down once the rain ended. I looked down and her pussy was all shiny and covered in her squirt and I went down to give it a celebratory kiss and lick. Then I giggled and wiped my face to give her some face to face kisses.

We laughed and I grabbed us a towel. We laid down together and talked about it. She asked me to explain how I made her squirt. She told me how it felt different being with a woman and how soft my skin was. I totally agreed it was a different kind of energy. Such a soft relaxing sweet kind. We laid there naked wrapped up in blankets watching tv for a while I think it got to like 1 or 2 in the morning. We said goodnight and she got up and dressed to leave, I wasn't sure if not outside of sex she wanted me to be gay with her still and kiss her when we were alone and kiss her goodbye... but I leaned in anyways and grabbed her for goodbye kisses and said thanks for coming over. Then she went on her way.

I remember laying down after to smoke a bowl and feeling so RELAXED and happy. She said it too, that she felt soooo relaxed laying there with me after. I notice many people say that around me... but I wasn't sure if it was making her cum, or if my red light therapy lamp in the living room was hypnotizing her too haha. Either way I smiled to myself and thought about the experience. I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed it, I felt like there was a sexuality guru in me guiding a straight woman into exploring her gay ways! I was definitely have some internal chuckles to myself, shocked to see that giving energy coming out of me, for women.

She got home and we started texting each other and it made my night even better. It was after 3 but I was way to awake and excited. She told me thank you for being her first and probably only woman, my heart melted I felt honored to be trusted like that by someone. We talked about how we liked it, she even told me she wanted to lick chocolate off each other and eat strawberries. So I was happy she liked it enough, to want to do it again. I was like hell yea I am definitely down! I admitted to her I have thought about her before while playing with myself, which I was so afraid to tell her. I didn't want her to be weirded out or think it was TO much. I know she is a straight girl experimenting. I told her months ago she needed herself some lesbian experiences on her own before she gets married one day. So I just didn't want to make it to personal I guess and scare her away. But she knows I LOVE men, so hopefully she didn't mind a little sexy talk and flirting. These are the hardest moments for me is the PDA and conversations I don't know how forward to be with girls. But that night definitely taught me to not be so afraid to go for it with chicks. To actually believe they REALLY like me.

I thought about it for days after non stop of course. Still excited by my fun new experience, now excited for more girl girl experiences! Now opening my mind to making girl girl videos too. Even more than that, going on dates with chicks and not being afraid to set a sensual tone. It gave me more bravery, and definitely more confidence to make a woman squirt. HOLY SHIT lol, I feel like I have a new badge of honor on me. So it was an amazing comeback experience I know I will NEVER forget. I am very picky with my women, and I am glad I waited for a good one to come along. :) Stay tuned, I may just explore some more pretty pussies in my future. We will see what the universe brings my way. -Kitty


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