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Sexual Activation in Barcelona

Finally! I am writing about my trip to Barcelona, Spain. I should of written sooner, especially while the details were more fresh in my mind. Though, it is a trip I will never forget so I am not to worried about recalling my adventures.

So my gal friend moved to Spain for two months. She works remote from her computer so she wanted to experience living in Europe for a little. She packed up and stored her apartment, and even took her two little cats with her. So when I went to visit her, she asked I come the last week she is there so I could help her fly back with her two cats. So that was my mission, visit Spain, and help my friend with her cats!

It is interesting how it all came to be, one of my mistress clients paid for my ticket to go. I was talking to him and telling him I wanted to go, but how I didn't want to touch my savings for my house down payment I am saving. He said Barcelona was amazing and that I HAD to go. He immediately sent me $1500 on my cashapp then he contacted his travel agent and arranged a private tour for my friend and I, of the Sagrada Familia church. I was like NO WAY, I can't even fight this, the universe handed me a ticket right in my lap, and a message that said, "GO."

Full of excitement I booked my ticket and facetimed with my friend as we giggled and made loose plans of our adventure in Spain together. Right before leaving on the trip my gal friend texted and asked if I minded if her male friend came to stay for a few days. He was a guy she met spontaneously in Barcelona at a Hostel the week before, and pretty much fell in love....lust...whatever you want to call it. I told her of course, I am a cool friend. I'll wait in the other room while they bang, lol.

So I fly off to Barcelona, one short flight to Atlanta, then from there one long flight to Spain. It was a longgggg flight, some how I met this lady next to me and we couldn't stop talking for nearly 4 hours straight. About our trips, dating, spirituality, EVERYTHING! It helped the time pass a lot, then I rested for a few hours, but my ass hurt so bad I just could not sleep. When I finally got to Spain I had to wait in a super long customs line in the SUPER hot airport. I was delirious tired, but what could I do. Once I got through I walked out front and picked up a random taxi to head to my friend's apartment.

As we pulled up, the driver told me the apartment was 2 min away from where he was dropping me off. I started to panic, it was WHERE? I was super afraid to be alone in a different country, even just for 2 min. So I put my apple maps on my phone to show me walking directions, and got out of the taxi. As I looked down the street, I see this beautiful little alley way, with a cobblestone road, people walking, scooters going by, flowers hanging from the walls. I had the biggest smile on my face. It was a scene out of a movie! I couldn't believe I was there. As I walked forward, two very handsome and tall men passed by me, as they did I saw them look at me and slow down. They made moaning noises, and said "Ohhhhh woowww."

I was way to tired, scared, and excited all at once so I just kept looking forward and kept walking. I didn't have the energy to flirt. I walked up to the entrance and put the code in, when I opened the door it looked like a spa inside the lobby of the building! Sexy stone walls, and floor, with a sleek modern design, it was very nice and upscale feeling. I took the elevator up, went inside and met her cats. I took a shower and jumped right in bed. I showed up at 9am so I knew I could take a nap and adventure later.

After some GREAT rest, I woke up and went to her apartment windows. When I opened them I had another huge smile on my face. The window opened up to a beautiful alley way with tons of other porches lined up along the walls. There were different flags from different countries hanging on all the porches, yet it was another scene out of a movie. I started to pace in her apartment, I was scared to leave. I had butterflies in my stomach as I started to get myself dressed. I told myself, I will be fine, and I NEED to go on this adventure alone. My girl friend was at work all day so I had this day to do my own thing. I put on a sexy dress and heels, and walked out the door. I decided to look up a tattoo shop and see if I could go get a Mary Magdalene tattoo.

As I walked through the streets I was amazed at all the architect, that has to be the main thing I loved throughout the ENTIRE trip. The beautiful buildings everywhere, my artist mind was blown. Tons of people were staring at me of course, I noticed I was dressed up and most people were casual, playing with their kids in the park and shit. I am out here strutting around like I am in Vogue, lol so dramatic of me. I noticed a cute guy out of the corner of my eye, and he noticed me. Smiling he called out to me, he told me it was very nice to see me, I told him I agreed back at him. I didn't stop to talk to him and kept walking, he called out more as I walked away and said, "Why are you walking so fast?!" I giggled and said, "I have to find this tattoo shop!" I was happy to see that men in Europe were friendly, and flirty, and NOT afraid to talk to me. As I followed my iphone map, I started to walk through these smaller alley way roads in between buildings, trying to find the tattoo shop and taking wrong turns. Suddenly I hear, "Did you find that tattoo shop?" It was the man who was hitting on me just minutes before, pulled up next to me in his SUV. I skipped over to his passenger window that was rolled down, and bent over and stuck my head inside to talk to him. I smiled and talked a little. Showing our tattoos to each other, talking about Barcelona. Then he asked for my number, I told him I would love to give it to him. At that moment he started to do a little dance and cheer in his car, he was surprised I said yes, and so excited about it. He told me he had to stop and say hi again once he realized he was driving by me. We we nt on about our ways after, and I finally found the tattoo shop, it was called "Meatshop Tattoo."

Walking into the alley way, and into the shop was amazing, again, big old building, old worn tile floor. I couldn't believe people lived in this kind of place. I went into the shop and was greeted nicely, and was able to find an amazing artist to do my request. He found some beautiful portraits online, and we got to work. I was led downstairs to a second level, and private room where he works. He did my art, we talked a little with our limited communication and he had great music on. There were people coming in to visit him every couple minutes to gaze at me laid out on his table, and the tattoo he was doing for me. I am sure the whole shop was excited he was tattooing this beautiful ink covered blonde American woman.

After my tattoo was done I had to make my way back to my friend's apartment as she was done with work. When I got there we squealed and hugged tight, it was SO nice to see her again. She was my pole wifey! Which means she was a friend from a pole dance class that did my first ever pole dance show together. We did catwoman and posion ivy, so we have a good comfortable friendship already. She told me her Italian gal pal was coming over for wine on the roof. Once she got to us, the three of us ladies went up on the roof top terrace with wine and glasses. This was another one of my favorite experiences. It was SO beautiful to be on the roof at sunset, her spot had an amazing view of all the other roof top terraces, and churches. We talked about men, and travel, and her italian friend even shared her cigarettes with us. I never smoke but hey, I was in Europe, and I was in the mood. We planned to meet for drinks later in the Gothic Quarter.

We left and got ready for our own little dinner out together. We walked through the little cobblestone alley ways, and found our way to the restaurant we picked out. It was the absolute cutest little spot, right in an alley. The walls were old stone and brick, it was a small intimate place inside with only so many tables. Our wine and tapas were AMAZING. I was truly enjoying the experience of the food. After our dinner, we walked to the gothic quarter for drinks with our Italian gal friend. We went to a little skater bar and it was so much fun. We had drinks, and did our banter. I ended up talking to random women at the bar the whole time. We were so tired though we didn't stay long, we said goodbye and left to head home. Once we got back we jumped in bed and knocked out fast.

The next day my friend made us breakfast before we set off on our adventure. We got a rental car and airbnb in Costa Brava, which is about an hour away I think. We planned to go beach hopping and just have fun exploring. The first beach we went to was so cute, I was amazed at the huge rock structures the Beaches in Spain had. We were feeling shy about our thong bikinis because there were a lot of families and kids at this beach, I looked over and saw a BUTT NAKED ass man, I told my friend to look and said we are absolutely fine in our thong bikinis. We laughed so hard and then relaxed after that. There was a group of hot looking guys on the other side of the little beach, and my girl friend was encouraging me to go up to them. I felt shy though, and I told her they look hot from here but then if I walk up and they have messed up teeth or something that I would be pissed I wasted my time. Her and I both were definitely hoping for some fun sexual adventures for me while I was over there, but being with a girlfriend I felt loyal to her and not wanting to find a date because that meant I would have to ditch her and I didn't want to. So we took each other's topless pictures in the water and decided to head to the next beach.

At the next beach it was EVEN MORE beautiful, and there was one little bar RIGHT at the beach so it was perfect. It was amazing walking up to it because we were up high with cedarwood trees everywhere, then we had to walk down to the water. We found this private little cove where nobody was and parked ourselves there for a full nude photoshoot. We had so much fun feeling free with our naked bare bodies in the sun and water. I grew up going to nude beaches in Miami so I felt SO at home. What I loved was how there were families AND naked people everywhere. Everyone was just so chill, and accepting. My heart already wanted to stay there forever.

We left the beaches and headed to our airbnb. On the way we stopped at this cute little market right on the side of a mountain. The owner was Spanish and Dutch, so you could see some of the packaging was in Dutch language too. I grabbed croquettes, tomatoes, avocado, pizza, etc. Then we went to check in, I booked us this amazing apartment that was up on a mountain, and had a porch with an amazing ocean view. And you could see all the houses going down the mountain. I was in awe, seeing old stone walls, the orange spanish tiles on the rooves, and purple flowers overflowing off the structures. Another amazing site to see. She actually had to drive back to Barcelona an hour and a half from our spot to go get her new German boy friend at the airport and bring him back to us for the weekend. I was so tired I told her I was staying so they could be alone together for the ride back. So she left, I cooked myself some croquettes and poured some white wine. I sat myself on the porch enjoying the beautiful view, listening to old latin music on my phone. just romancing myself for a moment. Then I laid down for a nap.

When they got back I was introduced to her boy friend. He was a tall, bald, handsome guy with a very thick accent. I have to be honest, I am not into bald guys much, but he was very handsome! Even cuter than the pics my friend had showed me, so I was SUPER excited for her now. I went off on my own to get ready to go out with them for the night, and they left to make some love in their room. I sat on the porch waiting and I could hear them both moaning, I chuckled to myself, I love to be surrounded my lust and romance. I know I was the lonely third wheel, but I was absolutely cheering them on from the other room. Once they came out we sat and played this card monopoly game my gf brang with her. We drank wine, and played, this is when I got to sit with them and get to know her guy a little more. Feel his vibe out, and he was SO funny. The three of us were belly laughing already, from this point I was more relaxed because now I knew I was going to be the third wheel for a very fun and happy couple. I was hoping he wouldn't bring any weird vibes to ruin my expensive trip. He didn't at all, he only added to the trip.

So it was 1am when we decided to go out, I was worried we missed all the fun of the night. It was actually a holiday, I think St. John something, so there were fireworks everywhere and people in a party mood. We found a Hookah Bar, sat and ordered drinks and puffed on a hookah for a bit. We had a beautiful view of a waterway and a castle, with big fireworks over it. Once that place closed we asked the server where to go next. He directed us to another bar open late with live music. We walked through the little alleys ways, like a maze, and again I felt like a vampire just like when we walked through the gothic quarter.

As we got closer we started to see more, and more people. Then we found the spot, there were people everywhere. Inside and outside. As we got in there was an old man playing LIVE guitar. My heart wanted to explode because all I wanted in Spain was to hear some live guitar music, We went into the crowd up to the front to dance together and enjoy the musician. There was a big group of crazy ass spanish dudes dancing next to me. I looked over and smiled, one smiled back and leaned in to tell me I was so tall and beautiful . HAHAH, tall..... I am only 5'6. But my friends said they were stepping outside for a bit. I wanted to give them space so I said okay, and I went and sat at the bar myself. I ordered some whiskey shots to loosen myself up a little. I sat there for a bit then I walked through the dancing crowd and sat at a couch on the opposite side.

I sat there alone, the only person in the whole place sitting....looking at all the dancing people. I was feeling so sexy in my little green dress and heels, a few shots in me, and waiting for my Angelina and Bradd Pitt moment where I meet a super hot guy that invites me to dance with him to some spanish guitar. That did NOT happen though. I sat there waiting and waiting, trying to look everyone in the eyes that looked my way to give them a signal. Nobody. I felt really sad at that point and started sinking inside a little. I thought wow, I have to be one of the most beautiful women in this bar just sitting, and not one man had the balls to ask me to dance. I even felt a little angry. Then I finally got eye contact with a man standing in the corner with his friends and he waved for me to come over. I walked up to him, and he asked why I was sitting alone. I explained I was waiting for someone to ask me to dance. He told me he was sorry I was alone, and that him and his friends were JUST saying that I am so hot. That they even said everyone is afraid to ask me to dance because I look like trouble. I explained this is why I have a Medusa tattoo on my chest, I feel like I am a beauty to behold but almost as if I am cursed because men are just afraid of me too. We started to talk more, he was a photographer, him and his friends invited me to a shot at the bar so we moved over to the bar and had drinks, and talked more. He eventually admitted he was married, which makes sense why he didn't ask me to dance, he didn't try to hold my hand or touch my arm, ask my number or anything. It was just a platonic friendly introduction and conversation we were having. Then my friends were ready to go because the place was closing soon so we went outside and he said he would walk me a little of the way. So as my friends walked ahead of us we walked and talked a little. His hotel was right on the same street and he offered me to use the hotel bathroom I was DRUNK at this point and told him please. We walked into the lobby and he showed me the lobby bathroom. This might be when I tore one of my nails off on accident in the door way I don't quite remember. Then we walked back out to the street where my friends were waiting. I eventually had to say goodbye to my new friend, he invited me to stay with him in his hotel and "spoon" together. I almost wanted to, I have been with a many married men before. But I was craving a single person, someone with a truly open connection with no blocks between us. So I declined, but I was a naughty girl and gave him a nice slow kiss goodbye. I skipped away and up to my friends, we are all drunk, taking pictures and videos as we walked. We walked to the beach and realized it was already sunrise!

I couldn't believe it, I never go out barely, and never til sunrise. As we walked up to the beach it was a beautiful orange and yellow sky, and there was an amazing castle right in view on the water. Another romantic moment to behold. My friend's went off by themselves for a moment together. So I sat there alone, there was another couple on the beach and they started to talk to me. They asked if I could take their pictures, of course I said Yes! I had SO much fun taking their pics, then they offered to take mine. I handed them my phone and crawled around on the beach and did my poses. Then I sat there alone again, enjoying the beautiful view. Feeling a little sad and lonely, wishing I was a couple on the beach. Wishing I had an amazing best friend to laugh, smile, and share this moment with. I tried not to sink into that feeling though, and my higher self stopped me from having those thoughts. I told myself, "No, Kitty....enjoy this moment. FOR YOU. Love yourself, nobody will ever take this moment from you. You are so sexy, and beautiful, interesting and brave. Just be in love with yourself and having this moment with yourself." So I did, I knew I wouldnt have to deal with falling out with a guy, and then feeling sad to have that memory. It would be a happy memory forever because I was just with me, and I'll ALWAYS have me.

We left the beach and got a taxi back to our place, still early morning sunrise time. We got inside and went to our back porch with the amazing view. Took some drunk morning pictures, and made our way to our rooms. I fell asleep to the sound of my friends making love, tired, drunk, and happy I finally had a fun drunk adventure night out. I became a mom at 19 so I missed having those nights out til sunrise. I was finally getting to have an adventure I feel like I missed, that my soul needed. To let loose, to be free.....

We slept and woke up in the afternoon, made a little quick breakfast and set out for a beach day. We drove for a LONG time through a curvy mountain road, I was so cranky and tired because when I woke up I discovered my raw bloody torn nail. It was stinging SO bad, and pulsating in pain. I still tried to be a good sport though. We found a bar on a beach and the three of us sat for drinks. We pulled out our card game and enjoyed the view. Just talking and drinking, then we were hungry so we made our way over to a nearby restaurant and ate outside. It was an artistic food experience for sure. We had fun using google translate on our phones to translate the menu. Even the dishware holding the food was amazing. After that we decided to go to the beach for just a little before the sun went down. My friends went swimming, but I didn't. In to much pain, and starting to get cold from the wind and no sun, I sat and relaxed in the sand. Every now and then dipping my finger into the salt water. We eventually left and made our way back home. I pulled a mattress from one of the bedrooms and made a campout in the living room in front of the tv since my room didnt have one. My friends went to make love and fall asleep in their room, I made a pizza and turned on Inglorious Bastards. I fell asleep a few minutes after putting the movie on, it was a long painful day.

The next morning I woke and I put the movie back on. My friend's German boyfriend had me in the mood to hear more German. So when they came out after waking, they laid on the couch with me and finished the movie. Then we had to check out, and start out next day of adventures. We left and decided to have a beach day. We stopped to have breakfast at a cute little spot, where we ordered coffee and food. we also walked through some neighborhoods to stop at a market to get stuff for the beach, and then find a store for her bf to get a vape. After that we went to the beach, we couldn't find any parking for a long time, so we decided to go back to the beach with the bar that my girl friend and I went to the other day. We were able to find parking there and walked through those giant cedarwood trees again, and made our way down. The beach was wayyy more packed this day, and our private cove wasn't so private anymore. We still set up there and all ran into the ocean. Swam around, and got out to lay in the sun. My friends went off on a big rock to sit and have alone time, so I put some Spanish music on my phone and laid there in the sun. A moment to be still, and meditate. We swam a little more then decided to hit the bar. We got some drinks, and sat down at a cute little barrel table. There the three of us had a long talk. About our lives, and our childhoods growing up. It was fun to sit with friends and have deep conversations. After that we knew we had a long drive back to Barcelona so we left to do that. We got back to town and returned the rental car then got a taxi back to her apartment.

We showered and relaxed for a bit, but we knew we had plans to go to dinner at an amazing Seafood place. The trip was coming near an end, and I still hadn't gone on a date with anyone. So I knew, that was my last night to have one if I was going to. I didn't know who to go out with.... the guy I met on the street the other day. Or one of the guys I matched with on Bumble. I was worried if I went on a date, and didn't end up liking the guy that I would of wasted some of my precious time in Spain. I had to take a risk though, so I messaged a guy on Bumble. He was the only match I had in my inbox. I had a few other matches but I would start conversations, look over peoples pictures over and over. Then just unmatch to narrow it down. After the weekend he was the only guy I kept in my inbox and was truly interested in meeting. He was a Super sexy bronze colored man, who had a bunch of tattoos and some very ripped abs, and his profile said he was 41. Which instantly made me wet, a man in his 40s....oh my that is my fetish lol!

So we agreed to meet after dinner, he told me to meet him at Bullock's Bar. It was a rock and roll bar in Barcelona. It was so cool when I walked in, musical decor and pictures of famous rock stars everywhere. The tables were even made out of music gear black cases. I loved it all. My friends came with me but sat on the other end of the bar so I could be alone with my date and they could spy on us. We made jokes about how we need to stay separate because the guys just might end up vibing and we wont get to truly enjoty our dates.

So I sat alone in my backless black dress and heels with a drink. My date arrived and showed up next to. I turned to finally see him in person, when he started to talk I was in love with his sandy, raspy voice. We started to talk and banter, asking eachother questions and getting to know each other. He was a very playful character, and I loved it. He was witty and good at conversation. I was happy I didn't have to do all the work in the convo. He told me he was half German and I got so excited, I realized that might be why he had such beautiful piercing blue eyes. At one point he said, "Johnny Depp? That's me." My heart smiled right when he said that. Because Johnny Depp was my MAIN LOVE my whole childhood. So I looked him up and down as he was talking and smiling, I was like hell yea he does have those vibes. I even grabbed his hand and rubbed his giant ring he had on. I told him I see the pirate in him , lol!!

We started to talk about bad dating stories, and how people don't look like their pictures. He mentioned ending a date with a woman he wasn't interested in, and she asked to kiss him at least and he was horrified internally but graciously declined her. A min or two after him telling that story, he was talking and I stopped him and asked if I could have a kiss. He went silent and smiled big, and grabbed me instantly for a kiss. I love how there was NO hesitation. Which I thought it might be to soon to be asking for kisses, but fuck it I am in Europe there is no time to waste! The rest of the time we talked, we would stop to makeouto in front of everyone at the bar, he gave my shoulder little nibbles and kisses too. I took him over to my friends to introduce them, and cheerily told him that my date was also part German. So the guys got so excited, and started to talk to each other in German. Us girls said thank goodness we sat separately because we were right about the guys wanting to hang if we all sat together. We all went our separate ways and I started to walk with him through the city towards his place. As we got near his building, he veered us into a little market shop. He whispered he wanted to get condoms, I smiled and told him I already had a bunch in my purse. I knew we were both relieved to know we were on the same page about protection. We got some drinks anyways and headed next door to his building and up to his place.

When we got inside I was in total amazement. He had a sticker covered game machine, a surfboard leaning, big hand painted mural art on the walls, and a boxing ball thing connected from the roof to the floor in his living room. He told me he painted the wall pieces himself, and I even noticed a sketchbook with a medusa art work he was sketching. Medusa, my love, my queen....

He asked what music I want, and I requested my fav old latin music playlist. As it turned on I told him I was sad at the bar the other night when I sat there alone and nobody asked me to dance. That my dramatic ass wanted a Mr. and Mrs. Smith moment dancing with a hot guy to old latin music. He was astonished when I told him that and said we had to go up on the roof with a speaker and dance. So we did, we went up there with the music, it was dark and we were alone. We started talking and kissing, he said I was right about the music and that it was a great idea. I had him in the feels. He even nodded and said "Yes." Then explained the lyrics just said 'Get my heart ready' as we flirted and kissed. We didn't even dance at all, but we were rubbing our pelvic areas against each other while we kissed as if we were dirty dancing. I was trying to go slow to really work him up. I kissed him slow, touched him slow, I rubbed my hands all over his body everywhere BUT his dick. But I could feel him hard in his pants, and he was HUGE. I was already excited for the pleasure to come. So over our clothes I kissed him more and pushed my hips up against his body so my vulva could rub his hard cock. We were enjoying all the kissing and teasing. When he was brave enough he finally started to pet and rub my pussy with his hands, eventually sliding his hands up the slit of my dress and started to rub my pussy under my panties. You could tell he was in pleasure heaven because he would rub my pussy, and slide a finger in and take it out and taste it. Then again reach down and rub my pussy and taste his fingers again. He was enjoying every drop of juice this goddess had for him.

In the middle of a passionate kiss, I pushed him away and asked one question. "Do you have a candle?" He thought for a moment and said he thought he might. So I smiled and asked if we could go light a candle. So we grabbed the speaker and headed back down to his apartment. He found a bunch of white candles, lit them, and placed them all over the living room. Now we were in the dark, with the candles, and our old romantic latin music playing. This was the dramatic sensual movie scene I was hoping to create. He walked over to me in the living room and I sat him down. I walked a few steps away from the couch, stopped, and looked back at him. Then from the top of my dress I grabbed it and pulled it slowly all the way down my body, making him watch.

Then we started to kiss and accelerate fooling around on the couch. We kissed more, as I kissed down his belly all over his beautiful abs, I pulled his pants down to set his big fat long cock free. It was BEAUTIFUL, and I told him. I grabbed the base with my hand and gave it soft kisses all up and down it. Before I slowly opened my mouth and stuck my wet warm tongue out to lick it. I started to lick it slowly, and push the whole thing into my mouth slowly. Looking up at him, and giving him the eyes, I sucked and slobbered all over his godly dick. We kissed more and went back and forth on eachother. In a moment of breath, he told me he wanted me to sit on his face. I thought damn, this lazy ass mofo. LOL, I have to be honest I am not a fan of face sitting, because I basically have to squat, and think, and be careful of my pressure so I don't really get to relax. It is work for me to have to face sit. BUT I was excited to see this hot guy be submissive and smothered by my pussy. I was also happy he wanted to lick my pussy, because believe it or not, not all guys like to do that. And that is one of the most important things for me. So I sat on his lips, and rode his wet tongue, it did feel so great. I do feel like a queen, on top and in control when I face sit. So I was soaking up the command I got to have. Then we both agreed it was time to go to the bedroom. We grabbed candles and headed to his room. When we got there he asked if I could get the condoms so they could be close and ready. I was excited again, to see a guy who was happy to use condoms and wasn't trying to sneak into me raw. Because that has happened before and it is such a disappointing thing to deal with. So i happily ran and got the condoms for the room.

We started our foreplay again, giving each other more licks, and kisses for a while before we started to fuck. When we were finally ready I rolled the condom down onto his cock and the fun continued. I think I started on top, and as we progressed it was almost like we rolled into a circle doing different positions. This strong fit man, with all those muscles grabbed me, lifted me, turned me. He did all the work just like I wanted. He pounded me slow and fast with his big beautiful dick. We moaned, and he was soaking in sweat as he had no AC on and his apartment was really hot. We eventually stopped for a break, he didn't come nor did I. But soon we started to get going again, and I put another condom on him. We went for a while again just taking each other. I got on top of him at a certain point and told him I wanted to take control, so I slowly rode his cock in a specific way that made me squirt and cum all over him. Then we fucked until we couldn't anymore. Then he told me it was almost 4 in the morning and I freaked out. I knew I had the private church tour in the early morning. I asked about how to get a taxi in his area. He told me he wanted me to stay and sleep with him because he had to work in the morning too. I was flattered, because I am very independent, and just conscious of comfort. So I didn't want to assume I was staying the night there. He really wanted to lay and watch a Quentin Tarantino movie together, since we talked about him being my fav director earlier at the bar. But I was mommy and said no we needed to sleep because we both had an early morning.

So I laid down on his chest in his arms, of course he fell asleep right away. He didn't snore much but had a few cute snores, and i felt his body twitch here and there in his sleep. These are some big moments for me, because I can never fall asleep after amazing sex. I usually lay there while the guy falls asleep and I just stay up thinking and thinking, reliving the moments we had. Smelling and tasting the air, taking mental pictures of his furniture and decor. Really taking in every bit of the experience I could. I dont ever do dating app hookups anymore, in fact I don't personally date ever at all. I ONLY see my mistress clients. So this was such a special treat to spontaneously go on a date in Spain, with a super hot guy, that I got to pick out for me, and enjoy JUST BECAUSE. Not for money, not for anything, just for desire.

I didn't get any sleep that night. Something strange was happening to me. Everytime I would finally start falling asleep I would wake up. It was a series of feelings. I remember feeling waves of really intense tingles going over my whole body. I also remember jumping awake with deep breaths, almost like meditative breathing. Just fast hard breathing, in and out of my lungs. And at one point, I even started to see geometric patterns. I saw light pink, and forest green lines. Lines that made squares, it was just hundreds of squares and I saw them all swirling into themselves. When I jumped awake from that experience, I thought...whoa. Why am I having this internal spiritual experience right now. I was feeling butterflies in my stomach, and all sorts of things. I felt like my third eye opened, I felt like I was....activated.

Then there was only an hour left before I had to go so I tried my hardest to fall asleep, but I just couldn't my back was killing me. My body was still adjusting to my new boob job I got 6 months ago. When my alarm finally went off, I got up and went to the living room. I took some sexy topless pics in front of his boxing device he had hangin from the roof, to make a sexy little memory photo of the night. Then I got dressed, went to kiss him goodbye and out the door. As I walked outside it was a bright early morning, people walking around, I had a big messy ponytail with a black cocktail dress and heels. I smiled as I enjoyed being the slut finally going home the morning after. I really do enjoy that a lot, "the morning after." Those are always prominent moments for me too for some reason.

I caught a taxi on the road and went back to my friend's apartment. They heard me come in, and told me to come sit on the end of the bed and tell them about my night. They were both a pile of limbs in the white sheets, I sat and said "Hi, Mommy and Daddy!" Teasing about them being the couple and me feeling like a kid getting home from being out all night. I told them about my night and then left to go shower and get dressed. We had the church tour soon so I couldn't go to sleep, I walked out by myself and found a little cafe. I sat and listened to music and ate some breakfast with coffee by the window and enjoyed my view of everyday Barcelona life. Seeing people walk their dogs, stop and talk to each other, everything. I paid attention to the old baskets they carried, the style of clothes the people wore, everything. I took it all in. Then I met my friends to catch a taxi so we could go to our private tour. We met up with the tour guide, this fantastic sweet woman, and she took us to Sagrada Familia and explained everything she could about the place. After that we went to a little breakfast spot nearby. I was TIRED AND CRANKY at that point, needing sleep we went back to her apartment and I knocked out on the couch. It was my last day in Barcelona, this was it.

So after my nap I woke up and left to a spa appointment I made to end my trip. It was at Isis Spa. An Egyptian one, when I walked in it felt like I walked into a pyramid in Egypt. With the old art on the walls, statues everywhere, and very fancy decor. I was SO excited, I asked for a royal Cleopatra Egyptian bath, and then a massage after. They led me to the room where there was a steam room connected to a massage room. There a woman had me get naked, and follow her into the steam room. She laid me on a big stone table, and from there she put a series of scrubs and soaps on my body. I remember the face mask she put on me smelled like red wine. And she washed and scrubbed my body down over and over. Some of the time she sat me up to wash my hair and back better. I kept my eyes shut the whole time, I let my head hang back when she sat me up. Just quiet, and enjoying the rub down, I felt like an absolute Queen. Getting my body washed down for me by a total stranger, it was truly a royal experience.

As we finished she led me to the massage room, so she could leave and another woman would come massage me. Before she left though she told me over and over she thought I was SO beautiful. I felt like I was this amazing queen woman and she was in awe of me. I thanked her, as I was in awe she washed my entire naked body for me! Even my breasts, it just all had me in a relaxed and spoiled mood. After that another woman came and gave me a relaxing massage. When I left I walked the streets surrounding the spa, I didn't realize I was in a super fancy area where there was Gucci and Prada. Big time stores, some even had lines of people outside waiting to shop inside. I walked right by one of the famous Gaudi buildings, with its strange and unique design. I stopped to buy a charger, have some tea, and eat a sandwich. As I was feeling weak and lightheaded from being tired, hungry, and up making love all night.

I got a taxi back to my friend's apartment. I missed saying goodbye to her German boyfriend as he just left to the airport. I started to help her clean and get the apartment ready to go, as we had to leave in the morning for the airport. Then we went out for one last glass of wine and pizza and an Italian place right next door to our building where our Italian girl friend from the beginning of the trip worked. After that we went back home and knocked out for the night. In the morning we left to the airport and took our long flight home.

When we both got picked up at our home airport, I gave my friend the biggest hug goodbye, and I told her thank you for having me and I will never forget it. I had insecurity in my brain that I wish I could of been a more wild party friend for her. But her boy friend was with us for the weekend so I think he entertained her more than enough I didn't have to worry about me bringing a party so much. She never complained about me not once, but I really don't have many girl friends in my whole life. So I was just hoping that I was an okay enough friend for her. I went back home , and hugged my family. The mountains were looking extra beautiful and I was so grateful to be able to come back home to such a pretty place. A part of me was sad to leave Europe, it went by SO fast, and I felt so at home there. I actually convinced myself I would marry a man in Europe one day and get a second home over there, so I would definitely be going back. I fantasized about what it would be like to live there, to raise my son there, all of it. My head was filled with memories, dreams, and fantasies. Barcelona inspired, and awoken something new in me. Being brave enough to travel to another country, and even have my moments out in the city alone, it made me grow in such a huge way. More than I can explain.

I have been anxious since I got back, NEEDING to get back over there. Something in my heart told me I needed to go back. I thought quickly and realized I only had one more month of summer break before my kid is back in school and I am stuck in North Carolina til next summer. So I said fuck it, I took a bunch of money from my home savings, and I booked a trip for the entire month of August to go back to Europe. I have never been away from my son this long, so my heart ached a little. But for some reason I felt so confident that I needed the adventure, and he needed some alone time away from me to grow into a little man a bit more. Be on his own, learn to live without me, and figure shit out. (Then a lesson to be grateful for me when he is with me.)

So I booked this Euro trip as a treat for myself, to romance myself, and relax myself. I want to go read, meditate, write, paint and model. I have been on my own since I was 18, working and paying my own bills, then at 19 getting pregnant becoming a mom and wife, carrying my family for years, especially being the bread winner. Then the past few years going through divorce, marrying an asshole in Vegas, escaping abuse, and then being alone the past almost two years to work on myself and focus on my kid. Turning my life around to FINALLY leave sex work, (mistressing/porn) to chase my true passions in life. Modeling, cosplay, art, and writing. It all as been so hard and heavy on me, purging so much from my soul has been hard. I've cried so many tears this year, just to finally let my self cry. To feel, and release, all the negative things inside I have been holding on to and hiding. I ignored a lot for so many years, then to realize I will never be the best version of myself I always imagined, until I did this internal work. So that is what I have been doing, and in the process facing all the darkness inside it has been hard to fill my heart back up with light. To feel inspired and creative after seeing all the muck come out of me. But that trip to Spain filled me up and inspired me so much again. So I am going on this Euro tour to inspire me more, because I'll be locked down here in the mountains when winter comes. So I am going to Barcelona Spain.....Athens Greece....Santorini Greece....Rome Italy... and then Venice Italy. I have a bunch of amazing modeling shoots booked in the different countries, and I will be packing my camera, and my paint brushes. I hope to model, take my own photography pics, read more of my spiritual books, eat good food, and hopefully meet a sexy stranger or two. I am basically going over there to create. Create art, memories, stories, etc. I just want to see what the universe is willing to show me, now that I am finally willing to open my eyes.

So if you love to hear bout my adventures, keep an eye out on my blog. I will be posting more exclusive blogs on my Patreon, and I will be sharing all the sexy pictures I take on my Playboy fan club. I am MORE than excited for my next adventure. I am SO blessed to be able to do such a crazy non stop tour of all these countries next month. I couldn't do it all without my Daddy Warbucks. He is a very rich man I have been seeing, who I genuinely care about very much, who paid for this whole adventure. He knows I am going to model, to create art, to explore, and to have sensual adventures. That has to be my favorite thing about him, he has spoiled me more than ANY ONE has in my entire life, and yet he doesn't put any limitations or expectations on me. Even with men, he says I am a Queen and he expects me to have multiple men in my life, because that is what I deserve. All the love and pleasure I desire. So a big thanks to my wealthy benefactor, that protects my wings, and smiles at me all with love as I fly off to live my dreams. I will never forget this summer, I will never forget all of these adventures. As I hope to publish them all in an official book one day. Then maybe me, and my stories, can go down in history...and inspire others to open their hearts to adventure too.

Til I write again....xoxoxoxo -Kitty


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