Opening my Patreon back up

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

I know I have opened and closed it a couple times, but I have some supporters that really miss this platform! So I have decided to open it back up for them. This platform is awesome because it organizes all my fan info such as who wants online content only, and who I need to mail gifts to. It also has the highest payout of all the fanclub platforms I have tried online. The only catch is it doesnt allow pornographic content. So my videos I cannot post in there, but I can in my only fans club. BUT my only fans club doesn't have any physical rewards available. So that's the different between the two. Regardless I do have prints and videos available in my website store page, but some people love to just pay one amount a month it is more manageable and easier to budget. (And just a better deal anyways!)

So here is where I will explain my patreon...I have 5 different Levels you can sign up for

Level1 ($5)

Level2 ($20)

Level3 ($35)

Level4 ($100)

Level5 ($500)

Level 1 is basic access, it's almost like throwing a few bucks in a "tip bucket". A little way to say thank you, you will get access to my patreon only feed, to the mobile clip lens, cell phone pics, random blogs, polls, and travel notices.

Level 2 is full access to my digital fanclub. So all the previous rewards PLUS my hi-res photo sets, sexy music videos, and behind the scenes pics/vids, as well as PREMIUM SNAP ACCESS! This is where you view all the beautiful images and films I make.

Level 3 is my print club! You get ALL the online rewards PLUS a signed 8x10 print in the mail. With an option for a kissy print added if you want.

Level 4 is my VIP club! You get all my online content for viewing, as well as the exclusive signed print, but you will ALSO get a unique polaroid & handwritten thank you letter in the mail with you print. You also will get access to the VIP exclusive feed where I post the juiciest of pics & vids.

Level 5 is supreme support! This calls for a special video, photoset, or costume made just for you. It us customizable of a reward and will be discussed through direct messages. Custom content will be made with professional equipment.

When are you charged? You are charged when you initially sign up, but you are also automatically charged the 1st of every month. So be aware of when you join and when the next month begins. The content is also exclusive monthly so with the 1st of each month all content is removed and refreshed with new content.

When are rewards sent in the mail? I send them on the LAST day of the month, that way I can collect all pledges for that months print reward before they are mailed.

How often are photosets posted? How many are posted a month? There is no set number of how many sets I make, although I work non stop and usually there are at least 3 new sets minimum each month. I tend to post them weekly! I will even sometimes post throwback sets to appreciate old/new work and the progression of my content creation quality.

Well I hope you like the levels and reward set up, please reach out if you have any questions or any suggestions/request! My email is KittyxQuinn@gmail,com

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