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My Silver Fox

So I have a new little story for yall! I am feeling all gooey and charmed, excited by a fun new experience so of course it makes me want to write. I had an out of town date, which I was already excited for because I saw his picture in the screening process and already saw he was JUST my type. A cute middle aged man that wants a taste of me. We would message a little bit here and there before our date, staying in touch for peace of mind that we were both still locked in. I even posted a sexy naked picture on my Twitter for my upcoming date I was excited for, hoping he would see it and get even more excited.

We had to meet early so he got a room for two nights that way we weren't restricted to the check in and out hours. I showed up a few hours beforehand. He hid the card key behind a fire extinguisher next to the door. It was the perfect spot and I felt like a spy on a secret mission haha! I got settled, took a bath, did my hair, and touched up my makeup. There was still plenty of time so I ordered room service. I got Salmon on grits and a piece of carrot cake, can you say YUM. I put on some Frank Sinatra music with my little speaker, and hit my weed vape. I had my Think and Grow Rich book open so I could dive into it while I nibbled on food. When the room service guy first showed up I opened the door and the biggest smile popped onto his face. I welcomed him in, and he set down my food and explained what it was like a corny hotel worker would. He said he liked my Sinatra music, and that it smelled really good in my room. I told him how I just hit my vape, and he replied "Ahhhh NICEEE" with a big grin. He went on his way and I was able to eat and relax. Which felt so much better because I was hungry as hell.

I quickly brushed my teeth and made sure I was ready after eating because my date was almost there. I put on some sexy lingerie and laid across the middle of the bed. I thought maybe he would walk in since he has the other key, but like a perfect gentleman, he still knocked anyways. I looked down and realized the straps of my lingerie was all jumbled and I nervously shouted "Coming!" Trying to fix it hoping I would have one more moment to get every detail of me perfect before he saw me. I was able to fix the straps and run behind the door. I stood behind it and tried to stick my neck forward and open it to greet him.

As soon as I opened it he came walking in, nice and TALL, dress in a stylish outfit, with the sweetest smile ever. I got so excited and went up and grabbed him right away laughing a little to myself and telling him he is even sexier in person than his pics! I gave him a smooch and we started our hang out.

We just started talking right away, asking each other questions back and forth. I love how we both laid on the bed with one arm up propping our heads. I felt like we were two kids, or two best friends talking gossip at a sleepover it was really sweet just being face to face like that as new friends. He had brought some weed he grows for us to smoke. I was like Hell yea, he tokes too love this dude! Though, he forgot his weed in the car so he ran down to get it and came back. We smoked and talked some more. The whole time we were hanging out he never stopped smiling. I remember leaning in for a REAL kiss. The one I first gave him was a quick smooch at the door but I wanted to feel his tongue on mine. Boy did I, it was such a good kiss. His lips and tongue were soft and his skin smelled so good. He wanted to go shower before we started to get into play mode, but I was adoring him so much I didn't want him to leave the bed but I let him go shower haha.

He came back to me and we snuggled up on the bed, getting closer and closer. I got real excited when he got out of his towel and into the sheets with me because I saw his dick, and even soft I already saw it was big so I knew I was in for a ride. At this point we started to kiss, lick and devour eachother. We took our turns on eachother's bodies, I remember he felt so good inbetween my legs. I was in awe looking down at him, grabbing his soft silver hair, feeling his warm wet mouth on my pussy I was in heaven. I reached my fingers down and over his throat and slightly held it while he feasted on my kitty. I already knew I wanted more of him and our first session together wasn't even over yet.

We decided it was time, he mentioned earlier in convo he got a bareskin trojan but in that moment I spoke up and said "Uhhh I think we are going to need a magnum for this." Being silly and playful, joking about his big dick and telling him a trojan was not going to cut it. So I grabbed a magnum I had set in the drawer and slid it onto his dick. I sat right on top of him and slid down all the way. The deeper I felt him in me the better it was, and I was overthinking about how weird my expressions might look while it was going in me. I quickly let that go because I know guys love all the weird faces, and I was so into him I couldn't even take away from enjoying the moment with any bullshit insecurities.

So I rode him to town, I switched back and forth from fast to slow and back. I haven't worked out all summer so I could tell I am not as strong but I just kept going as much as I could. I loved his big beautiful broad chest, I loved looking down into his sex'd out eyes. I don't know what it was but he was just the sweetest and sexiest gent laying under me. I was loving his tan skin and bright hair. He was only in his 40s but I guess genetics made him a Silver Fox young and I was loving the unique and beautiful view. He had great skin and great hair, I just was very visually pleased with my new friend.

He flipped me over to do missionary and we looked down at his big dick going in and out of me, and back into each other's eyes. I was trying not to squirm soo much but it just felt so good. He was close to cumming and asked if he could cum on my stomach. Usually I would say no, and tell a guy to cum in his condom, keep that shit away from me lol....but I adored him so much I wanted to be showered in his cum. That is just what happened, I didn't think he would be able to make it but he pulled out, pulled the condom off and then came all over me. It was so crazy though because he did a HUGE cumshot that went all the way from my neck down my entire body to my vulva. He kept stoking every bit out over me and I was there to take it all.

He tried to get up to get me a towel, and I got a TINY bit firm with him and demanded he lay down next to me and enjoy the orgasm. I wanted him to relax, and breathe. Enjoy all that yumminess with me. I wanted to lay there and connect with him in that sweet moment. We smiled, giggled, kissed, all of that. Eventually, I got up to rinse off all the cum and got back in bed with him. We got right to talking again, he noticed the time and asked if he could pay to stay longer. Without hesitation, I said yes, and almost wanted to beg him to stay. We started to fool around again for a second time. Getting him hard right away and slipping another condom on because I wanted more of him in me. We went at it in a few diff positions, can I say OMG to doggy haha.

Eventually he slowed down and admitted he wasn't going to cum again in time. I knew I could of made him cum again easily but my pussy was drying up BIG time from the condom. I also just wasn't hydrated enough and didn't buy lube when I got the condoms. So I just didn't have enough hydration in me to lubricate a few hours of sex all on my own. I didn't even want to explain all that to him, because he REALLY turns me on and I didn't want him to question it so I just said it was okay and no biggie he had a big cum shot on me already.

He started to quickly get his things together, as he was a busy working man you could tell even a few hours out of his day for lovemaking was a lot for him to pause work for. I stayed naked and sat in a chair at the desk and watched him get ready. I didn't want to be in the way while he got himself together so I wanted to wait until he was done.

One of my favorite moments was saying goodbye. Not the seeing him go part, but sitting in the chair naked, this beautiful tall man knelt down in front of me so we were face to face. We looked into each other's eyes, kissed, and said bye. I felt like his petite little princess he had to kneel down to. I held his face in both my hands and begged him to PLEASE see me again soon. I was genuinely sad our time was over together. I wished I had the whole day with him, that we could spend hours talking, dining, and fucking. I wanted to fall asleep next to him and wake up and have sweet morning snuggles and coffee together. He just made me feel so beautiful, and so pleased I wanted to stay in that fantasy bubble with him. Life was calling though and our bubbled got popped..he left and I locked the door behind him. I laid in the bed for a little bit just staring at the roof. I could still smell him on me and I didn't want to wash it off yet. So I just layed there thinking about him smelling his scent, and reliving the hang out in my head.

He was such a sweet and handsome man, I remembered him mentioning how his friends would never expect him to be doing this. I smiled inside thinking how lovely it was that I was given that trust. To see a side of him others don't, that sweet sacred secret side. I felt honored to be able to access such an intimate part of him. I know I am very open about my sexuality, and my career definitely affects that, but I know most people don't like that kind of lifestyle. So I am still conscious of how special sex is, and to treat it as such.

I laid there and threw all the cash on myself and took pictures. I slowly got up, showered, and dressed. Packed my things and hit the road. Walking out I took one last look and smile at the room before I left it. The ride home was beautiful. A sunny day, green mountains everywhere. I had all my windows rolled down and Elvis music blasting. I was enjoying the high of money, life, and the new hottie I had just met. Knowing I may never see him again, but hoping that I do. I was still grateful for the encounter, and feeling so positive after the experience....that is what I live for and why I keep going.

So shout out to my fox, and thank you for a lovely time. I miss you already, and I hope to see you soon. <3


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