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My first public pole dance show!

Wow what a weekend. It is Tuesday and I am STILL exhausted. It was an amazing weekend though! I got to do my first LIVE performance in front of people. I was so scared, but excited for months. I purposely pushed myself to sign up for the show to force myself to be more brave. Also, when they announced the showcase in class my girlfriend Brenna looked over at me and immediately asked to dance with me. She was amazing so how could I say no?!

I have only been dancing since March, so its been about 7 months. I mean, I have danced on my webcam shows before but never with a pole just on my knees on the bed or floor. I am still a super beginner but I was able to still throw a great performance.

It was funny because my first show, which was was dress rehearsal day where we ran through all the performances once, and the videographer was there. I did my choreo as planned, but I didn't do some of the floorwork as good as I wanted, and my blood capsule I bit near the end was full of powder and no liquid blood. So my first show was still okay, but it didn't feel great like I thought. So that day I decided to throw out the choreo and just freestyle the rest of the weekend.

The shows were split inbetween two days, Saturday and Sunday. I had to do my DUO Catwoman/Poison Ivy dance on Saturday, at two different show times. It went great, my partner and I did way better than we did at any practice. Everyone cheered and so many people ran up to us after to say they LOVED our chemistry and the flirt/fighting choreography we created together. We also had a little tongue action when I was upside in the second show because my partner told me she wanted to really kiss me during the dance. I made sure she got consent from her partner, I joked that I didn't want anyone's boyfriend to kick my ass. It went great though, and I was so pumped how good it went it honestly made me way more at ease to perform my other shows.

Sunday I performed my Solo dance at two different show times. Now I was nervous to perform ALL by myself nearly naked in front of all my friend's partners, and to just freestyle it hoping I don't fuck up or just LOOK like I was freestyling.

The first Show went great, even though some parts felt a little hesitant when I watch back on the video it looks completely smooth. It started with my laying on the floor with my arms crossed like I am laying in a coffin. The red lights turned up, and then my music. I had "The Taste of Blood" which was a song from a vampire movie called Last Lovers Left Alive. It is very slow, and hypnotic with a string instrument. I slowly rolled my arms up from my chest, stretching out and waking up from my slumber. I follow the beat of the music and slow lift my chest into the air starting to awake as I lift my legs and roll them around in the air. I crept up to the pole, and when a certain beat drops in i forcefully roll up into a stance holding the pole and look over at the crowd with my creepy and beautiful white eyes. (I had some halloween contacts in that everyone went crazy for.)

After that point I walk around the pole and then climb it and spin. I lean back and reach for the crowd, and then i hold on and slide down the pole to the ground slowly with my legs arched back in a beautiful shape. Just swirling down the pole, slowly, with the hypnotic music.

Once I landed I start taking my robe off to reveal my all red sparkly micro bikini, and I reach back to pull the string loose to take my top off completely and throw it to the side. Here is when my bare breasts were out with nothing but these beautiful white/red crystal pasties, the tiniest red stringy thong, and tall 8 inch rose gold heels.

I made sure to move my belly around seductively and let everyone see my lines and shapes. I felt like such a sexy goddess in that moment, I was so happy to show off my hot bod because I know everyone was enjoying it.

From that point on I freestyled the dance! I ended up doing a sexy dance slithering around my pole, to then grab up and start swinging around on it in circles. I just kept flipping and turning my body to keep the pole spinning and showing off different shapes with my legs. Everyone screamed and cheered it was a moment of climax in the music too. It felt glorious to be there in that moment, completely free of any stress. Not even thinking of what I need to do next. Just leading with my body, the pole, the music, and my heart.

I eventually end the dance on the floor. I stretched out and showed off all my body again and just swing my body around like a high vampire going nuts after feeding. To then slow get back into my coffin position as the song ended.

When my second solo dance happened that day something didn't go as planned. The moment I pulled my top off my pasties came flying off. I panicked but didn't want to give a bad show so I just kept going. I swung around the pole, and this time I did a really sexy floor crawl over to my girl friend who was there filming and I danced on my knees in front of her and rubbed her leg as I pulled away and crawled back towards the pole to finish my show.

When I finished and walked out to the dancer room they all were in the doorway screaming and cheering, and I raised both my arms with my bare chest and screamed with them I felt like king kong in that moment lol!

I have all the different versions on my main insta "Misskittyquinnx" If you want to check the videos out. I do plan to also make a personal music video of this dance as well.

The entire weekend was amazing, I made SO many new girlfriends, in which I was afraid they were all going to be bitches. The world proved my close minded ass wrong, as they all embraced me and were so kind.

It was quite the event, I mean...there were girls even crying during this shit. I thought I was nervous... boy oh boy. It was cute though, and I understand the anxiety especially if you aren't in entertainment at all. I think modeling and cam modeling did give me a little bit of prep in doing a live dance performance.

During the intermission I had my girl friend film me messing around on a pole. I didn't realize how everyone around the room would start wooing and cheering. I wasn't even doing a bunch of pole tricks just walking around the pole and doing my moment. Which that is what the owner pointed out to me, she said she loved my "movement". Which makes me remember that we have our own styles, and I am starting to see what mine is. Although I work slow now, I know the more I learn, dance, and practice the more I will be able to do faster dances.

When I did that little intermission dance tease video, I noticed later a woman in the background shaking her head at me with a huge smile, clapping, cheering, and fixing her hair/scratching her head in excitement. I have seen the video so many times and I can't help but zoom in on the lady's face. Just seeing her reaction planted a seed of passion in me to entertain as a dancer. I thought only men would appreciate my dances, and now I am seeing even woman love it. I see now, dancing is such a skill, and it's fun to watch, and that I might finally be building this skill, and....growing.

I am SO excited, and I am hoping to start doing a dance tour around the country. It is hard to plan as a single mommy, but I am thinking once every 1-2 months I will travel around the state and do photoshoots/club appearances. I will keep you all tuned in of course as that happens. As of right now I am for sure doing a photoshoot tour in Miami Dec 1-4! I will be reaching out to clubs for dance appearances and keep you all updated as I go.

Thanks SOOO much for those who have invested in my at home dance poles, the pole classes, and even the costumes for my cosplay pole dancing. I am excited to continue on this path that is PULLING me. It feels so good to finally start to become the strongest version of me there is. Til next time kittens....xoxox


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