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My first foursome EVER

Well this is a story I definitely have to write about. It was a hellll of an experience! An opportunity I personally couldn't pass up.

So I was down in Miami for my Shoot Tour, and I am going to start the story the day before it happened. When I was at a photoshoot with a photographer, and another one I shot with on the trip came to the shoot too because he was friends with the guy that was going to shoot me. I was happy because I already knew one, but it was my first time meeting the new photographer. It is always nice to have a friend around for photoshoots!

Anyways, we were shooting and the guys mention I should come to their shoot camp trips they do. Where they usually go to Vegas or to a hedonism resort in Jamaica, and just make content for a week straight. Doing all the nude and sexy shoots freely. All the creative freedom any model and photographer could long for. Without hesitation I told them no way. I stated I didn't want to be apart of their origies. Both of their mouths dropped wide open and they were speechless. They tried to find the words to defend themselves. While they were struggling for words I told them I know what they all do. I may be blonde but I am not stupid. If ANYONE knows what goes on behind closed doors it is me. That I see their videos on social media of all the girls drinking and in twerk circles, twerking around like chickens. They laughed and one very slowly says "Sometimes....there is twerking." We all laughed and I said yea exactly, I know what goes on. They made jokes about just being able to do coke off my body, I said I wouldn't do any but I have always wanted a Wolf of Wall Street moment where someone did it off of me. I randomly blurted out, "If there were no women there!" Then one photographer looked at me and said "Damn, Kitty you're SELFISH!" I chuckled and agreed proudly. He joked about them having to take turns then. I explained that was way more my speed. Women just don't do it for me the way men do. I do like women, but just not in the same strength. I crave masculinity, as I am hyper feminine myself so I think I just love the balance.

So it all started with a handsome man I found on Tik Tok. I followed his links to Instagram and gave him a follow. I don't know who messaged who first I am pretty sure it was me, and I said a simple hello and told him he was SO sexy. He responded and said thanks. The conversation didn't go further, but we loosely stayed in touch all year long on Instagram. Later in the year he reached out wanting to fly me to LA, I think I had a lot going on at the time and told him in a few months time would be better.

I think I happen to reach out to him again before my Miami trip, and in the conversation we both found out we were going to be in Miami for Art Basel weekend. I explained I already had a lot of shoots and so much going on, he told me to just hit him up, that I was a priority. That alone right there made all the difference in me trying to make it happen. When he said I was a priority I feel wanted, and needed, and appreciated. So that one smart sentence he stated, made the stars align.

Back to my Miami trip, it was the day after I had that shoot and funny conversation with the other guys where I admitted I wanted men only. I was in my airbnb, which I specifically rented because of how nice it looked and planned a bunch of sets all around the house. I had a shoot there with Lens specimen, then after him I had to rush straight to my Ohrangutang (yes his insta is spelled that way) shoot. Which is a famous photographer/model couple that I have shot with once before. So I was so excited, especially because they are such a sexy inspiring couple. I have followed them for years and have been inspired by their strength, their health habits, all the different business' they started, and their simply beautiful open hearts. They shoot a lot of bikini/boudoir style stuff, and they are all about the experience of the shoot, the conversations and connections made within the shoots and all of that. So I was excited to return to them and show them the new evolved me after not seeing them in years. I had been through divorce, losing everything I had and built it up again, made changes to my body, health, and mindset. I just wanted these amazing people to capture my essence and share it with the world, because I knew they could do it right. So shooting with them was a celebration of Kitty 2.0!

Sorry I trailed off for a bit, back to the foursome story lol. So I had that shoot, and I messaged my friend from LA and told him I could come over after the shoot and drive straight to him and he said that sounded good. I knew before I left to my second shoot that I was going to his place after. So I strategically grabbed a bunch of magnum condoms and put them in my jacket. I can't lie this is where I originally was mischevious. This is where I tried to decide HOW MANY condoms to bring. Although I knew in my mind we could possibly use a bunch just for us. Something in my gut knew though, I always see his social media posts with a bunch of guy friends. So I thought, what if there are more guys.... because I'll gladly take them. So I brought a LOT of condoms LMAO!!

I arrived to a really nice condo building in Miami. I believe it was actually one of the tallest buildings in all of Miami, I had a simple black tank top, tiny black booty shorts, a big oversized race car jacket, and some tan heels on. Everyone was staring at me as I entered the lobby, there were SO many people going in and out. Some really hot guy passed by me and said he liked my neck tattoo. I smiled and thanked him, and enjoyed all the stares of everyone around me.

When I got to the door I knocked, and I wasn't even nervous. Or scared. Which I noticed, and I was so happy how far I have come socially. To not be afraid to meet new people now. To not walk into a room thinking, "Oh I hope he likes me, what if he doesn't?" Now I just walk in knowing if I was invited somewhere then yes, they do like me. And if something went weird and I wasn't feeling it, I could simply walk out. I no longer feel hostage to any social situations anymore, I am a leader in them now.

As soon as he opened the door he said "Heeellooo Kiiittyyyyy" in his beautiful Hungarian accent. Just as handsome as he was online, I made sure to say hi and smile looking right back into his eyes. I took some slow and sexy steps into the doorway in my little heels, and gave him a big hug right away. To my surprise there was a big beautiful tatted up guy sitting on the couch eating cereal. He spoke really kindly with his voice telling me hi. I think I begged to use the bathroom right away and darted towards the potty. I took my tinkle and came out relieved. I got comfortable and laid on the couch, starting to talk to my friend and his buddy. I'll be honest it was not a long conversation, because we started to talk about Onlyfans. He started to asked what kind of content do I do, and threw out the question if I would ever film with three guys. I immediately reacted, and said yes. But then I said, " A THIRD?! There is a third guy in here somewhere?" And he laughed and said yea in the room. I told them I was down, even though I didn't have the third guy in view, I know my friend only hangs out with really hot dudes. So whoever it was, I knew he was going to be a hottie.

The guys got really excited starting to talk about details, seeing if we could really pull it off. Then the third guy comes out of the room, he was tall muscular and red headed with a bunch of tattoos. the guys updated him as he came out of the room, and he said with his cute accent, "We are filming? With you?" Looking over at me, and I smiled big nodding my head telling him yes. Then he smiled and said "Good Morning" to us all and went back to his room for a moment.

We were trying to figure out who would film, because there were stands but we wanted it to be a GREAT video and have someone holding the camera and moving around. To my surprise the third guy had a girl in his room! I think they were new but she came to the doorway and was naked. I giggled and waved at her and she smiled and waved back. They said maybe she could film but she admitted she was not experienced with cameras. So they decided to call a photographer friend.

I was shocked about the woman in the room. It totally threw me off, especially that she was being sweet to me when her man friend was about to come to the next room and film a porn with me. It was a small detail and moment where I was so happy to see good vibes, especially from a woman, but just being in a situation where everyone is open and accepting of our careers. At one point she came to the doorway and stuck her hand out for me to come to her. So I walked up and grabbed her hand, she smiled and held my hand while she walked me to the bathroom. I was on my period so she gave me a bunch of possible toiletries to use to put inside to block any blood from coming out. I was feeling like a porn princess, even having a woman there to help prepare me for the film.

Then the photographer friend came, and he had his son. I am assuming they all knew each other because the lady was speaking spanish to the little kid. They packed up a picnic and she took the son downstairs to eat and hang while we filmed. So it was a whole family effort here! Hahah.

Once they left we had the place to ourselves and a photographer as our disposal. We all started to take showers to get ready, I noticed the guys were frantic but happy all over the apartment getting cameras and lights. They were taking viagra pills and pulling out packs of new sexy underwear to put on for the video. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I was sitting in the middle of all the chaos just watching fellow content creators get ready. I was like wow it feels so good to be in this world with other people. I was also really excited I was the only woman in the room. I don't know why I like that so much, something about the power, and getting all the attention. I was like hell yea, I am the fucking goddess and they are all here to serve me.

The guys were all over, still talking details. My friend came up to me though with his phone camera on starting to talk and flirt with me. He checked out my toes, my pussy and my ass, then he stood up and I crawled in front of him and just looked up at him while I kissed and rubbed my face on his cock over his underwear. Then we stopped, just a quick teaser. :)

A few minutes later I noticed the first tatted hottie I met when I was walking in, was standing by himself for a moment. Rubbing his dick over his underwear, looking around and half in/out of the conversations with the other guys. So right away, I walked up to him and asked if he needed help. I started rubbing his dick over his underwear for him and kissed him right away. This was our first time kissing, and it was SO good. It just felt so perfect how he held me, with his hand softly over my throat. We were both great kissers together, he leaned down and pulled my tit out to suck and lick on my nipples and I threw my head back and then moaned before we returned to kissing again.

I wanted to turn him on, and have a one on one moment with him. The first guy and I already were chatting online all year here and there, but it was my first time ever meeting them all. It was also a lot of pressure for him to suddenly get hard and fuck me with his friends, so I made sure to carve out that one on one moment. The third guy, the tall redhead I wanted to kiss and connect with, but I was scared because he had a woman over earlier. So I wasn't sure the state of the relationship, if it was serious or a hookup.. I didn't want to make him uncomfortable and kiss him if he just was purely wanting to film to make money. So I let him be lol.

We came up with a plot, well the guys did. Their foreign ass selves decided to plan they are watching a soccer game and cheering then I come in with snacks and block the view and want their attention. So that is what we did, I remember standing there holding the tray of snacks and waiting to walk in on queue and laughing to myself in my head in disbelief I am finally going to do a corny porn scene intro like the ones I see online.

I set the tray down and did my part. I felt upset I was so exhausted that my acting skills weren't the best for the intro part, but the Third tall redhead guy took care of it all when he got up and came behind me starting to pull my bottoms down. This is when it all began.

So I wont go into full detail as I usually do, because there is a full video you can watch and see how it all went down. PLUS, it was all a blur, and a lot going on so it was hard to remember every detail. Thank goodness there is a vid I can go back and watch!

It started with all three guys on the couch, I crawled right into the middle and started sucking on one of their cocks. Reaching for the one in front of me, and feeling a guy behind me starting to spread my cheeks and lick my holes. I crawled forward even further to start sucking on the next cock, and it picked up from there.

After that point we just freestyled and did whatever we could. The hard part was I told the guys no anal before hand. So instead of having all three, in all three my holes at once, I could only do two at once and the third guy would have to just wait a moment. But they were all really great about taking turns. They were also very inventive and at two different points during filming, two of them stuffed their dicks both inside my pussy at the same time!

The first guy came and tapped out, then I kept going with the other two. Then the second guy finally came allll over my face and my eyes. Then he tapped out, then I finished off the session one on one with my original friend I came to meet. We fucked until he came all over my face. I loved how at the end he kissed my cum covered face and spit on it. I just loved to let loose and be his little nasty porn princess.

After it all I went to take a shower, and two of the guys joined in with me! Then the camera man showed up to film our shower! I was like NO WAY more content, and these two hotties in the shower with me too?! It was heaven lol. We all just washed each other, and talked about the group video. They were so excited, they talked about all their favorite parts and asked mine. I even started to kiss and suck the tattoo hottie in the shower, and we were like "Whoops sorry y'all couldn't help ourselves." He stated that I keep getting him hard and I LOVED that. Because I assumed these guys were so desensitized, from doing porn, from getting all the hot men and women they want, I can't lie I didn't think much of myself around them I mean I definitely knew I was a hot little piece of ass, but I figured people with all the mental and physical freedom they have that I couldn't excite them as much after all they experienced. But I was wrong, I was turning these guys on just being little ol me.

After showering and wrapping things up we decided to go to dinner. I was so ecstatic they wanted me to come, even though they invited me I looked at them and said, "YES, you guys should feed me." Nodding my head up and down like a snob, only because I originally texted my friend before I came and said I couldn't stay long that night because I had photoshoots all day and hadn't eaten and was exhausted. He initially told me no pressure at all, but I ended up getting them all to bang me for a film. So I was SURELY hungry after that.

I was bummed out I didn't have any of my makeup or hair stuff, or even a nice outfit. I was a completely bare face, wet haired little rat in my black tank and shorts with a race car jacket. We walked into a super high end steak house, which they were friend's with a manager who made us a reservation. The third guy stayed back with his girl so it was just me and the first two fellas. Even on the way to the restaurant I made sure to make out with BOTH guys on the street while we waited to cross at a red light. I smiled and told them I hope people in their cars noticed I just kissed TWO guys.

We sat down for a beautiful dinner, we got the special treatment since they knew the manager. They served us champagne, appetizers, main courses and desert. Our waitress was this realllyyy pretty older woman in pigtails. She was so sweet and loved our table, asking a million questions and even brought her daughter who was a waitress there as well over to talk to and meet us. At one point she asked if my friend and I were a couple, and I laughed and told her that both of them were mine. My friend added, "You should see the third guy, he isn't here." She went silent with big eyes, and she looked around and pointed at them both then me to confirm what we said was true. She started to smile and basically from that point on in the night this woman treated me like I was a QUEEN.

At the end of the dinner all the flirting we did with her, and each other, she took her hair down and asked to take pics with one of the guys. It was so funny to see what a big bright sexual energy ball we were in public together, it was absolute fun. I just loved the high I had sitting in between those two hot guys in public, getting them both all to me. That was the moment I was convinced I want at least two husbands in this life.

We went back to the condo, and we were all SO tired and stuffed with food. I think the guys were actually planning to still go out that night, but they agreed they wanted to nap first. So I asked them if I could nap too then I'll head back to my airbnb when we wake so they can go off to their night out. The manager from the restaurant invited me out that night too, but I knew I was OVER EXHAUSTED. And I am just not a big party girl I get nervous and shy about going out at night. So I pulled a grandma and called myself out of those plans.

So we went to the second bedroom and the three of us laid down together. I was right in the middle, I had my left hand down on my friend's thigh. Then my right hand was holding the big tatted hottie's hand. We were hand in hand rubbing our thumbs together til he fell asleep and wasn't awake anymore. It was so romantic and intimate I was so happy I literally couldn't sleep. I don't know if we laid there for 30 or 60 minutes but I could JUST NOT go to sleep after that whole event. I was so happy laying there in between them I didn't want to miss a moment so I just closed my eyes and laid in their arms as they slept.

The third guy came and opened the door to start waking them up to go out. They started to slowly wake themselves up. Some how I turned to the big tatted hottie and started to kiss him and rub his already hard cock. I got excited to see he was horny and had to try to get some more of him before we all got up. I went down and started sucking his cock and not before long he slid himself in me and we started fucking in the bed. Our friend was right there next to us enjoying the show, and we went at it for a little before big tatted hottie stopped and said he wouldn't be able to cum again that night. I reassured him that it was fine, and not to worry. He got up and left the room then I crawled over to my friend and started to play with him. We were kissing and fucking, I even gave him some direction with his dick til it made me squirt on him and I pulled him in me and guided his thrusts harder in and out of me. He started to get winded and stopped, but then he said no that he needed to cum. He was on a mission that's for sure, haha. I was down to put the work in because I WANTED him to cum too.

Once we finished up I took a fresh shower and got dressed. I didn't want to be annoying so I tried to slip out of there fast. Both the guys were sitting on the couch, I came over to kiss them, then I stood over them and patted both their heads. I said to be good boys, and don't forget me. Then I left and went back down to Valet to get my car.

I went back to my airbnb and fell asleep smiling that night. It was a dream come true, and it almost felt like a sign from God. I was LITERALLY talking about wanting a situation like this the day before. Actually for months! When I posted about this on my insta story I had SO many friends reach out asking how it was, and in disbelief it happened because I mentioned to them MONTHS ago I had a fantasy like this. So going through this event made me feel like I was a powerful witch, and anything I want in the universe I could have.

Now I will say, I have been hesitant to write this blog. I didn't realize the back lash I would get from making such a porn. I have negative and positive reactions from women. Most guys are reacting positively to it, but it does make me nervous for my future bookings. I already had one client message and tell me he wanted to fuck all my holes and I right away said no. That I didn't do anal in that foursome video that's one of my few boundaries I have.

So I am a little nervous just because people saw me fuck three big men all wild, no condoms, and getting cum all over myself, that everyone else will think they can do that now. People don't realize I am very health conscious and I got tested before AND after I filmed that. So I don't want anyone to think I am available for raw sex now. Because that is one of the MAIN things I cherish about companionship, and why I do bookings instead of "tinder dates." I LOVE the communication about protection before hand. I LOVE that certainty. I also HATE when my clients, always my regulars, ask me to go raw. They offer to get tested, they offer to pay me extra, etc. You guys..... NO. I get a LOTTTT of anxiety anytime I have raw sex, and I pay for testing BEFORE AND AFTER so its expensive for me. It just adds a lot of extra weight to my life that I don't need.

I also am afraid people will want to start being rough with me or do nasty things. When the truth is I am very vanilla, I like penis and vaginal penetration and that is it. I don't want anyone trying to stick their fingers or penis in my ass, I don't want people trying to cum all over my face, etc. I still want all my boundaries to be accepted and followed. I have been QUICK to cut people off, even regulars I have had for years who have tried to compromise my boundaries. I know everyone wants to feel special, and do crazy special things with me. But I already give so much of myself to many people, and maybe I am the ONE mistress to some guys, but these guys don't realize I have MANY men in my life. My health conscious safety rules are the one thing I have to give me piece of mind being so sexually active. Although I will say my rates are higher, so maybe I am not as active as some girls... I don't live in a big city, I don't do multiple bookings in a day.. so my activity is a little spread out but still....I really don't need to explain anymore. I also know so many clients are going to offer to film, which most everyone already has tried to ask. But what everyone doesn't realize I only want to film with the best of the best. I don't want to do no face discreet videos, I want to work with adult stars who have huge brands and platforms so we can cross promote and grow together. So please everyone, don't start asking me to film. It is always guys with big dicks who think just because they have a big piece that they can be in a video with me. When there is so much more to it than that....

BUTTTT yea! It was an amazing experience I will never forget. It honestly opened my heart up, and took a lot of fears away from me. Now I am going to be actively shooting porn content through the next year. Which as that happens my onlyfans will make more money, and then I realllyyy won't have time for bookings. Which I would prefer to have a small group of partners I film with regularly, than having to do companionship and deal with the nerves of meeting new strangers and doing new bookings. I mean it is a rush, but it is a very stressful lifestyle. And of course I felt great when I had my small group of regular clients I would see all the time, it felt like I just had a couple of trusted rich boyfriends. But with me having strength to stand up for my boundaries lately and cut people off, and raising my rates recently my regulars have faded away and I find myself meeting new gents who can handle my rules and rates. Which is great, but it is a heart fluttering time for people and new adventures.

Anyways, I am daydreaming of my next group porn with men...and even though I am not crazy about chicks I am excited to film a one on one video with a woman. There is actually a couple BEAUTIFUL companions that have reached out to me about making girl girl content, and at first I over looked it but lately in my mind I have been curious. I have been thinking about strapping on one and dicking down a woman myself. So stay tuned, for the naughty adventures I have ahead of me. I can't wait for you all to go on this journey with me! Xoxo til next time.....


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