My Escort Journey at 18 yrs old

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

  Okay so my first two blogs weren't really much of blogs. More so of hey I am here and this is my website. I thought I might share some actual stories about who I am. I have been through many phases of my life, and I have changed and grown many times in my life.  All the events I have been through have brought me here and made me who I am today. So who am I and how did I get here?

I am a nobody from South Florida. Adopted, although I didn’t find that out til I was 18 (and a whole other story on its own.) I grew up in a normal middle class family.. my mom a nurse and my dad a landscaper. I was also a super creative young-ling..making my own clothes and outfits for school. I was in marching band growing up (flute) and loved to paint/draw as well as write. I was a very passionate teenager we can say. I lost my virginity at age 15.. it was a group pact with best friends to lose our virginities before the summer was over and we started high school.  I have always known myself to be sexual from a young time in my life. I use to write sex poems and stories, masturbate constantly, I mean I am sure I wasn’t the only one right?

            Fast forward now to age 18..I moved out on my birthday. I had a strict dad, and my mom had major alcohol and pill problems so I was dying to leave and start my own happy new life. My teenage years were up and down, my moms drinking problems just kind of made life tense for the whole family. I was determined to get away from all the darkness and constant drama. I was promising my parents the day I turned 18 I was going to get my own car, tattoos, and apartment. I sure as hell did.

          Shortly after moving out I realized I could barely get by on my own working at American Apparel in the mall..that was money teenagers made. I wanted to support myself and take myself further in life.  I knew no matter what I was going to take care of myself, never go back to that horrible house, and go out instead to reach any and every dream of mine. I remember looking for gigs on craigslist…and I wasn’t even looking for it but somehow I ran upon an escort agency ad. I don’t even remember the moment I decided I was okay doing it but I contacted them. They had a professional office in Hollywood Beach. I was so shocked there were office rooms and a lounge, and even a photo shoot room. They told me all the details and asked if I wanted to proceed, and I was surely on board. They had me do a quick lingerie shoot, and I remember they asked if I wanted to show my face or not on the website. They mentioned the girls who show their face tend to make more money. So I said SHOW it! I felt brave and truly not worried about family finding out. Sign me up, I was ready for an independent life.

        Then my escorting journey began. I had their drivers take me everywhere. I went to nice hotels and homes…my rate they set for me was $300. I remember I would do several gigs a day and make a ton of money, it was the most money I had ever seen in my own hands in my short lived life. I remember one day driving in my old rusty 88 Chevy truck on the highway music blasted.. one hand on the wheel, a giant burger in the other and a pile of cash in my lap… I totally swerved counting it and almost made two huge trucks crash. It felt like a scene out of a movie like Showgirls or something. I felt on top of the fucking world. I had my own place, ride, and money to support myself. My dreams came true, I did it.

     People loved me, I ended up becoming the most requested gal on the site. They raised my rate too I think, but then I started to get overworked. I had the agency booking me non stop, and then my days off they kept trying to call me was all overwhelming and I knew I needed a change of pace. I used to live on craigslist personals so one time I found this ad…by a woman..looking for a sugar baby.. she said she was young too in the I thought hey this could be interesting. We emailed each other and decided to meet. We met at a gay bar in south FL. Her name was Charm and we hit it off right away. I remember she was this beautiful black girl, with long braids. She was lighter skinned, I guess some would call it red boned? I hope that is not offensive but that is the term everyone used all my life to refer the lighter skinned folk. She offered me to moved into her high rise apartment with her and her girlfriend and become the third, get spoiled and have fun. It sounded great…so I left my apartment and truck behind. Which I had two male dancers from the gay club living with me in my apartment for a bit and it became a mess because they would get fucked up on drugs and trash it so I pretty much avoided it at all costs. I feel bad now looking back because my parents and sister had to go get all of my stuff out and figure out what to do with it and clean the place out… and my family hadn’t heard from me for a while either. How could I explain how I could afford to live on my own? I had no cover up for my escorting. So I hid from them.

    Shortly after  I moved in with my new girlfriends, they ended up telling me they did escorting and massaging. There was the catch, I wasn’t going to be spoiled by a sugar mama. I was going to work for her. I was doing it before so I didn’t mind and I thought hey this is better it will be fun with chick friends and no agency taking a cut of my money. Boy was I wrong. She would take ALL my money. She said we would all put our money in to pay bills and what not and the rest we would have fun with. I didn’t think anything of it she was my girl we shared everything so I always gave it to her to manage. She made me feel taken care of because she bought be whatever I wanted and nice things I never had before, dinner out every night, all the works. 

    Things got even worse after we had a threesome. It seemed fun at first, we set up a massage table and did the whole threesome lesbo massage fantasy. They pulled out a strap on and let me use it on them. But after that in the following weeks…there was fighting. Literal fist fighting between them. Her original girlfriend got super jealous of me. Saying Charm liked me better because I was a “white girl” and saying that she was old news. I remember they fought til there was blood and Charm locked her out of the apartment ..there was yelling and banging on the door. I was freaked out, but what could I do…

   Things eventually got better and she came back. But this is where it kept getting weirder. They were into Santeria, which no that is not the weird part…they got a reading, and apparently in it… it said I was going to leave her. She told me and I was like oh whateverrrr. That just set her off though, she was paranoid. Constantly checking if I was hiding money, always checking who I was texting…worried I was making some sort of escape plan. So it drove me to a point where I really did want to leave. I remember one day I went down stairs with just my I.d. and my cell phone with some cash to get some cigs at the gas station across the street. (Back when I smoked cigs EWWW.) And this guy came up to me, I remember he was this tall handsome middle aged man with bronze skin and a bald head. He thought I was sooo beautiful and wanted to take me for a smoothie. I was like no no silly but he insisted and I said okay why not, maybe a potential client. Work mode kicked in anyways. Then he walks up to his car, and I was like whoa we are getting in your car?  He was like yea the smoothie shop is RIGHT there. I was hesitant but I got in.

       He really did take me to get a smoothie no tricks… but he did end up telling me he owned a massage business. That if I was interested I could join. I told him I was shocked we happen to meet because I was already a massage girl. I also told him about the crazy bitches, and he offered me to stay in one of the massage apartments rent free and work out of it too til I got my own place. I was scared, not to go with him but to leave the girls. I knew there was no way I could go upstairs and pack my stuff and tell them I wanted to go. They were CRAZY and I honestly had no clue what they would or could do. So I decided in that moment with nothing but my i.d. and cell phone I would leave. Start a new life, without a word just disappear. Then I did.

     He took me out and bought be clothes and toiletries and took me to the apartment. I turned my phone off right away, in fact I think I ended up smashing it because I was so paranoid the girls would find me. He showed me the place and settled me in. It was so beautiful this studio in a high rise right on the water. I can’t remember the name but it was an island in between connecting water highways in Miami and was supposed to be where they did some filming for Cocaine Cowboys. He went to his own apartment in the same building…and at last I was alone and at peace..

      Over the next couple months I worked with him. We were a great power team, he had other girls he got gigs for but I never seen any or ever met them. They must of done out calls or worked in his other apartments. He made me his main girl either way we were always together. We even would go to his temple together every week. I was the only white girl there with all the Indian people but I didn’t care and I loved it. They all were kind to me, and I remember I was amazed how worship was basically one big jam session. It was an awesome time for me I thought. I was on my own, away from my crazy family, had a little bit more experience escorting, had my own place, was saving money, etc. Though, after a while I knew I couldn’t ignore my family forever. I also knew I could not take a chance bringing them to my work apartment. So I had asked the gentleman about renting another apartment officially as my own for personal privacy, he had one upstairs for $1000 a month so it was perfect! Some guru had just moved out of it so when I moved in it felt so amazing. Clean and simple, everything was red and gold including the bed sheets. It felt so regal, indian artwork up everywhere..there were also some Tulsi plants which he explained were sacred in his culture. It was perfect, a private and spiritual vibin spot for me to kick it. Score.

             I had my sisters finally get back in touch with me and come over. They were so excited, we got a Xmas tree and decorated my place and everything. I even took them to Benihana’s for all of our first time. We felt like queens and it was so exciting, it also felt good to see my sisters. I wasn’t ready to face my parents yet, but at least them. Life was going well…but little by little I started to get overworked again. People loved me, I was great at what I did, and I saw everyone I worked with would get money hungry because I always made more money than other girls, and everyone wanted a piece of my success.

    I remember laying in my new apartment naked in bed, on the phone with my gay best friend I grew up with, when suddenly there was banging on my door. It was my gentleman friend.. he was pissed. Screaming and banging on my door mad I wasn’t answering my phone. Apparently he booked me without asking and the guy was waiting at the apartment downstairs and he couldn’t get ahold of me to tell me. He was even trying to open my door but I had the extra lock from the inside so he could only open it a few inches to yell through the crack. I hung up with my friend and was freaking out. I told him I needed a break, it was my day off, he needed to respect my privacy, leave me alone, and fuck off. I had never seen him snap like that before so I was scared.. his true colors came out. He finally left. I didn’t know what to do. I just knew I couldn’t face him or work with him again after that. So again I started over.

    I grabbed two big black trash bags and threw everything I could into them. I called my sister in law and told her what happened, and begged her to come rescue me. With no questions she did, I remember I was so nervous to leave the room and go all the way down stairs to her car. I was so afraid to run into him along the way but I didn’t. My sister picked me up and I went to stay with her. She still lived  with her parents, super old school colombian folks…but they adored me and loved that I lived there with them for about a month. I felt bad being a burden couch surfing at my sis in laws house, so I decided to take her to Disney world. I spoiled us to a fun Disney trip and blew almost all my money I had. When we got back I used the rest to find an apartment on the beach. I finally moved out and set her free from providing for me. She never ever complained but I knew I had to get back out on my own. 

    At this point I knew I had to start working again. So I hit up one of my previous massage clients, whom was a sweet middle aged hispanic man who said he had a massage business/apartment if I ever needed a place to work to hit him up. So I did, I would work out of his massage apartment, and then go home to my own at night. It was nice because I felt I had a sense of privacy.  A place where NOBODY knew where I lived. 

  I massaged away, things were just fine going great. Then one day my sister in law who has rescued me before wanted to talk to me… she opened up to me that she was into this witchcraft that was similar to Santeria. She wanted to take me to this end of the year ceremony but she was hesitant to because it was “hardcore”. So she first took me to get a reading by her Godfather. Which I did, he told me things about my energy, cleansings I needed to do, and that I was destined to be scratched. Which means being initiated as a priestess in that religion. I had been practicing Wicca since I was a teen so it was all super cool to me. Once she saw I liked it she took me to one of the big ceremonies. I learned some interesting shit I will tell you!

But after all that my life changed. I started to date normal again and took time off to heal and focus on a new beginning. In the following years I did waitressing and became a mum! Boy oh boy what I had to go through before I could get there. I thought some of you might enjoy my wild tales though.. hope you did! xoxox


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