My bimbofication fantasy

What is bimbofication? Well in a nutshell when you look it up online it talks about kinks and fetishes. It talks about a smart and modest girl turning hot and air headed. So let’s talk about something right now, I am smart and I don’t want to be an airhead. I do want to glamorize myself. I want to perfect my look. I just want to be the best version of me I can me. There is nothing wrong with that! So over the years I have done stuff Here and there spread out. After three years of breastfeeding I got a boob job. Another couple years after that I got my nose job! I do not regret it all one bit, although my boob job was $3000 at the south Florida center for cosmetic surgery and I wish I would have saved longer for a better material and done more research. I have saline implants under the muscle. And they are already bottoming out after a few years, and loosing the round shape on the bottom half of my breasts. It probably doesn’t help I’ve barely worn a bra all these years too. Aside from that I have been in and out of the gym all these years. Something I want to defeat by getting a good at home set of weights. Which I have on my Amazon wishlist in case anyone wants to help me with the first step to my bimbofication!

I have also gotten fillers once before. I got one syringe in my lips, and one in my my upper cheek under my eye. (I didn’t want bigger cheeks it was to pull my skin up because I wanted help with my sunken under eyes.) I loved it especially the lips because it was only a little and made the slight perfect difference. I got lip tattoo last year but I got a bad artist who over drew my lip and now it’s fading and looks horrible! So I would love to get saline tattoo removal as soon as I can! Now I am going to get into daydream fantasy mode though. I dream I have a first class flight, out to a tropical place like Hawaii or Miami. There is a beautiful, clean, empty Airbnb waiting for me with an ocean view. I have this place to myself for a whole week! In this week I do a lot, for me. All the things I’ve dreamt of doing for myself since self care became important. Since I learned my body through motherhood. The fantasies I have of pleasure and beauty whenever I am sore and aching from the duties of my motherhood. I dream that I become the movie star version of myself. I spend days laying in the sun, nothing by ice water, fruit, and heat in the air. Recharging on Vitamin D like a vampire who is seeing the sun for the first time in years. Letting the sunshine cleanse my soul, clean out any and all dark corners in my heart. I dream that I do yoga every day, spending time with myself breathing and I discipline. I would also love to walk on the beach, and in tropical forests. Here the parrots squeak and the squire jumping. I miss those tropical citttt and nature sounds. I dream that I have a huge savings of money, just for this trip. Just for fancy fruit infused waters, snacks at my request. To go to the spa and salon to pamper myself. Get massages, facials, and body scrubs. Get a fresh manicure pedicure and hair trim/color. I dream of getting my teeth perfected at the dentist Which is 2k for the cosmetic fix I need for the spot on my tooth. I dream of having the 300$ procedure to get my excess lip tattoo removed before my trip so when I get there I can also get my lip tattoo redone. And a beautiful living pink color too! I dream of getting lip fillers, and cheek to lift my under eye. As well as my smile lines, and Botox for my forehead lines. I dream that I can give myself a lush young tightened face with celebrity teeth! I just want to be amazed at the face I have to see every day, through the years my whole life. I dream I spend the week healing from these procedures. That I Get to meditate, sunbathe, and relax. Spend my days with no phone. No pictures, no texting. Just books and nature. Just water and the sky. Just transforming to the better version of myself I walways wished I could one day be. The weird little goals in me.

I don’t know I guess I just want to be that floating perfect goddess. When people pass me they can smell me, when they look at my feet they look perfectly pedicured and soft and clean. When they look in my eyes they are amazed at the features I behold. I want to be that magical creature. :)

-remove excess lip tattoo 300

-get dental cosmetic work spot removal 2400

-lip filler 700

-smile line filler 700

-forehead botox 700

- lip tattoo Fix 500

-eyebrow tattoo 500

-eyelash extensions 200

-mani 40

-pedi 50

-massage 100

-facials/body scrubs 50-100

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