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So let me tell you a little story. well a big story. A LOT of stories! Tonight I am sitting down to write about Mr. Big. Sound familiar? Yes Mr. Big was a character from Sex and the City. His character was given that name because he was a wealthy high status man, a tall man, noticeable when he walked in the room. Well I am calling this suitor Mr. Big because has has been one of my longest, and most consistent clients I have had. He also has been the one to give me the most extravagant bookings yet. He loves to go allll out, so that is why I call him Mr. Big.

He is your standard suit, white middle aged married man with a successful career and built up life. He is also one of the most poetic souls I have ever met. I love stories, poems, and songs so when he sends me emails with paragraphs of his emotions towards our experiences together, the shift in energy in his life due to my presence in it, and his admiration for me, all charms the fuck out of me. It has been a BIG relationship that has come into my life.

So I have hesitated to write about him, because we first met years ago when I did companionship from May 2019 to May 2020. But we have seen each other a few times this year so I just don't know where to begin. I want to write about our most recent date because the details are more fresh in my mind, but there are SO many more stories that are intertwined into this one.

It all begin in Charlotte, NC in a hotel room. One hour. Him and I. This was in the beginning of that year I started to travel and meet suitors. I was so nervous, and paranoid. (Boy I have come a long way internally.) I mean I always had the confidence and curiously that got me to that wild path of adventure but it was still all new and scary.

All I remember is walking into the room, saying hi to each other, and then kissing right away. Some how there was an immediate connection. Something in me felt like I knew this guy adored the shit out of me to the end of the earth even though he didn't even know me yet. It was a sweet session of sexual pampering. I was shocked to see the sexual animal come out in him, he never hurt me ever. Just the serious faces, the moans and light grunts and the end of a good thrust. The zone he got into during it all. He was laser focus on me the entire time...fully present. I could tell he wasn't distracted at all. Which a lot of guys are married, and have high volume work loads. So it can be hard to get a guy to focus and fully engulf himself into me, even if he really likes me a lot. This man though, didn't have that problem at all. Afterwards, we laid on the bed and just talked. I am not sure why but I just blabbered and told this man all sorts of weird shit about myself. I could of swore he thought I was nuts, and was judging me the whole time. Little did I know he was just taking me in and opening the door for us to have a long term connection.

After our first meeting, we had many adventures. I pegged him on his boat on a lake! (He nor I had ever done that before so we tried for like...2 minutes!) Poor man jumped into the lake after for a swim, I don't blame him ahahha! I remember the boat rocking and me being so careful. He also has come to visit me in the mountains. I loved the big beautiful rental home he got that had a hot tub, BB guns, and a Bow. So I got to do some shooting, soak in the water, and make love in a ridiculously big house that must of been a few grand a night to rent.

He also gave me the amazing experience of going to New York for the first time ever. I got out of my uber to arrive at the Lexington Hotel. As I walk to the door of the room he told me to go to, a male worker walked up with a HUGE bouquet of flowers. We laughed and smiled about arriving at the same time, then Mr. Big opened the door and welcomed us both in. The worker set the flowers down on a table that had champagne with glasses, chocolate covered fruits and jewelry. Once he left, Mr. Big and I had a big huge kiss. He then went on to explain that suite was the room that Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio lived in for a bunch of years. I freaked out running around, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. I ran out on to the balcony and I felt like I was in a movie. There were huge New York buildings all around me, I could hear the traffic ehoing off the buildings too. It was just unbelievable. I was super dramatic in my head, convinced Marilyn Monroe was one of my spirit guide angels. That she was there and blessing me, that I was the "modern day Marilyn." In fact, my name back then was Emily Monroe. Goodness, I was a head case huh?

We made lots of love, and then got ready together like a married couple on vacation. I wore this pretty gold pantsuit with some brand new white Jessica Simpson pointed heels I had just got. Then of course I curled my hair to have some Marilyn Monroe pinup vibes. We took a taxi towards Broadway to see Lion King. There was to much traffic so we got out to walk. As we are walking I didn't even realize we were in Times Square until I looked up and went "WHOA!" I will say, it does look much bigger in the movies, but it was still insane. All the people and the screens. I had the biggest smile on my face. The Lion King Broadway show was amazing, and wenwent out to an Italian restaurant afterwards. It was some sort of super upscale one that had been around forever. He even warned me not to say words like 'mafia' and such when we are in there. It was low lit, and very small. I felt like a queen with all the different waiters stopping by. After that he got us a taxi, and paid the driver to just drive us around for a while. I felt crazy like Harley Quinn when I rolled the window down to stick my head out and see the city. It was such a beautiful night and I even noticed steam coming from the ground just like in the movies. I was just amazed at all the detail. We definitely hooked up in that limo lol. So I can check that spot off the list. My first, and so far my last time making love in a limousine.

I remember barely being able to sleep that night. It was so damn loud! I am used to my quiet peaceful mountains, it was definitely very unsettling trying to sleep in New York. The next day was also amazing though, we had breakfast at this little shop that was almost like a gas station and a buffet mixed into one, haha. We walked the high line, Central Park, he even took me to Central Park Zoo. Then we had some New York Pizza of course! We enjoyed the room some more but eventually the trip came to an end. I remember being REALLY sad it was over. But a trip I will never forget the rest of my life.

We also have been to Boston! I It was right around the Fourth of July, and he got us a huge room on the harbor. It was SO beautiful, all the boats, buildings, and the ocean. I got to walk on cobblestone roads, look at statues in the streets, enter beautiful little churches with open doors to all, and view alters to saints right on the building sides. The room was filled with candles when I got there and he was horny as ever. We had a powerful session together before anything else. Then we ate at a super cool Italian restaurant that played old Italian movies on the wall. I remember the owner... or manager whoever it was a very large man came up to me and asked if I was enjoying my food. Mr. Big was in the bathroom and this man unraveled his story to me. He told me his twin brother passed and he was very sad. He told me he bought a telescope and goes to show me it, and the thing is a fucking building. I was like who the mobster hell am I taking to right now, hahaha. My date and I went to a famous cannoli place to grab desert. When we were walking through town there was a big pack of young Italian guys sitting on steps outside of a restaurant that all saw me in my little tight black dress and heels, and they started to shout, "Madonna! Madonna!" I giggled to Mr. Big and said that's so funny people have told me I look like her before. He smiled and explained they didn't mean that Madonna. That the word meant beautiful, or perfect woman. When he said that my head just exploded. I was so wrapped up in my self for a few minutes feeling so turned on and excited by that movie feeling moment. To be admired by so many men, Mr. Big, the manager at the restaurant, the pack of Italian guys, and all the strangers that gazed at me from afar that I'll never know. At that point I was skipping on the cobblestone in my heels. We had to rush back in time to make it to our deck to see the fireworks on the Harbor. I laid in his arms on the porch couch, with a huge open deck all around us. Snuggled up under a sheet watching the lights in the sky while he kissed me, and rubbed my pussy. He would hold me close, whisper sexy things in my ear almost like a guided mediation. When I would cum he would remind me to keep looking at the fireworks and the stars. Telling me beautiful things like how I need to feel and see the amazing woman that I am. When the fireworks ended we talked outside laying there together for a long time. It's been a long time and I can't remember the conversation but for some reason that night was significant for me. I do remember telling him my married woman woes and realizations at the time. I was able to be real with him, admit I wasn't happy to be a married woman and how the experiences like that night, is what lit my soul on fire.

The next day we wanted to explore Boston more, but he stopped and offered to take me to Salem. It was 45 minutes away but he assured me he didn't care and would love to take me. I gave in and said yes because I couldn't say no to Salem!! Anyone who REALLY knows me , knows I am a little pagan witch.

We went to the Salem Museum, which ended up really being a wax figure show pretty much. A really old, dirty ass one. Afterwards he pulled me aside and said it was eerie when the recording talked about the history. Women being sexually suppressed, having no outlets or ways to express them selves, their aches and pains from it all. He said it sounded a lot like me, and what I have been fighting against in life. Becoming a nude model and not holding myself back from anything for anyone. Being married was the last chain I had at that time to break away from, because I was already a few years in to being a sexually liberated woman in general. He saw me trying to break away from that last thing.

He had to make phone calls so I decided to go shopping. I walked down a street and saw a big black Victorian house. I walked inside and it was a super cute witch shop. I picked out a moon stone ring, and some other small things. Then the lady offered me to get a tarot reading by an older Irish man that was sitting in the back behind a curtain. I said yes, because duh a tarot reading in Salem, Massachusetts?! It was a wild reading, this man was seeing right through me. He was telling me to be careful, with the people I met, that they are not necessarily doing something legal. He look confused, and was making hand gestures back and forth like some one was handing him something. His sentences sound like questions because he felt confused and talking about people handing me money. I was like WHOA BUDDY, ahhaha. He told me I had this huge energy in my life, a big one, that I was going to become a huge figure one day. In fact, I can't forget it. It was "The Star" tarot card. It was a naked blonde woman pouring vases of water, one into the river or ocean she was stepping into and one on the land. It was me.

After that we had to rush to the end of our trip. I feel a little unsure if this next part is part of the Boston trip, or a different one. I am sure he will tell me when he reads this. But we were flying back together, so I had to somewhat start to be a bit more discreet on the plane since we were headed back to his area. We sat next to each other but didn't talk much. I think he took a nap? Lazy! Just Kidding, he must of been exhausted from entertaining me. I kept noticing a pretty, rich looking, middle aged woman next to me. There was just a slight energy that had me drawn to her, I noticed everything she was wearing was shiny and brand new. Getting off the plane I complimented her bag and she gave me an enthusiastic thank you.

She continued and walked ahead of me, a whole minute passed by while we were walking and she turned around and told me her friend makes those bags and I have got to see them She told me to add her on Instagram so she can message me the link, I was like sure, what's your insta? She continues to spell out Angie Harmon, and told me there will be a blue check mark. Still walking fast she says goodbye and goes on. I look down at my phone and I am like who is this?! Apparently I met a famous actress, who most may know her from Law and Order.

Mr. Big saw the whole thing and was charmed. He knows she is a famous actress who surely gets bothered all the time and she took some sort of interest in talking to me. Maybe she is just genuinely nice of course, but for some reason she turned around and wanted to speak again.

Man, I have had some memorable times with Mr. Big. I'll never forget getting back to the airport after being on a trip with him and being so sad to separate. We were being so intense and passionate that day, even when we had to leave the airport, we wanted to walk together but couldn't because it was in the town he lived in. As a married man he couldn't take a chance. So I walked behind him the whole time, not saying anything to each other but pretending we were strangers that just happen to be walking in the same area. He eventually led me into a little spot off to the side and turned around and grabbed me for a big passionate kiss we weren't supposed to have. Then he said goodbye, and walked away. My heart was pumping hard, but again it felt like another movie moment that had me turning pink and smiling.

Another beautiful trip he took me on was to Charleston. Which looked like it was right out of a movie I will say now. The old roads and buildings, cemeteries right in town, mansions on the water. It was all a dream. Of course he had all the candles and flowers waiting for me in the room. It was tiny but fancy room. It was perfect, I was feeling like a Disney character with the tiny porch over looking the rooves of other buildings. We walked through an old market building, then we got a ride from a bike tour guy. He was a really sweet young Haitian man who showed us all the beautiful mansion neighborhoods and the stories of famous people in town.

We also had an amazing dinner with some virgin pina coladas at a little hispanic food spot. I am from Miami and I am telling you, that shit was GOOD! We walked through town, just enjoying the sites. We were trying to plan out going to a ghost tour in a little when suddenly he sees one of his friends, and his entire family. The wifes and kids, all there. I actually think they were behind us and I heard his friend call his name, I didn't look back or say a word I just walked three big fast paces forward and then darted right, into a store. My heart was pumping but it was suddenly peaceful and quiet. I look around to see towering shelves full of hot sauce. There was a young guy working the counter alone, he looked like a scrawny farmer kid in highschool or college I couldn't tell. I got into actress mode and asked some really stupid questions about hot sauce while I waited for Mr. Big text me what to do next. Luckily we didn't get caught but we met outside and continued walking. He was taking his time and enjoying looking at store windows. I was telling him he is nuts and we should get back to the hotel room immediately, lol! We eventually made it there and did our usual love making to wind the trip down to an end.

Well, I just saw Mr. Big again recently. I walked into a beautiful beautiful hotel and sat down in the lobby with a coffee in hand and a dress on. He sat down next to me and said hello, we talked and caught up. Smiling and chatting discreetly. I was loving to see another person every now and then look over at us. I know they were probably thinking "Holy Shit look at that young little sugar baby with that older man." I was trying so hard not to burst out in laughter at the faces, I am almost 30 but I know I look like a tiny little young thing to a lot of people. (Side note, wow I can't believe I am almost 30!)

We went up to the room, and of course he had the whole SHA BANG waiting for me. It was an amazingggg room, with so many big windows that gave a great city and mountain view. We kissed and hugged til he led me in. There were yellow and red roses, a bunch of candles and gifts waiting for me. The first bag has two huge, really nice candles. Which I LOVEEEE candles! Then the next gift was one of the best gifts I have ever got. It was a beautiful silver bracelet with diamonds. My first Diamonds EVER! I felt like a princess for real. I never wear real jewelry, and it has been a small goal of mine to start getting real silver and gold. Real diamonds, to be a total queen and wear treasures on my body. I was ever grateful for the sweet gift.

We roamed over to the bed, with my new diamond bracelet on and began to kiss. Eventually he grabbed a pillow and laid it on the bed behind me and laid me down. He went to town serving my pussy. Making me cum over and over, doing everything in perfect order to make me squirt. I got surprised to see him know what to do, the fact he listened to me, and learned exactly how to make me cum. The beauty of a relationship built over time. I surprised myself too when I saw I squirted ALL over his chest. It looked so pretty and shiny too. I was like wow my squirt, how beautiful it sprayed out and covered him. How lovely right?

We eventually started our session. Just sensually talking to each other, and him pumping himself in and out of me. Near the end we thought we were done, but stayed connected and just spooned in the bed. Then we would start moving back and forth and start going at it again. Over and over til we came to a powerful end. We both said nothing but laid there and laughed together. When we finally started to talk we expressed how that made us feel, and joked about how I am going to wipe his dribble 30 years from now when he's old. Although, I wasn't joking, I told him I want to know him even when he is on his death bed. Come give him handies when he's old in a wheelchair and can't walk, LOL!

We parted ways and I felt amazing. Like a goddess. Walking down the street with my shopping gift bags and two big bouquets of roses. People stared at me as I walked by, I could see faces staring from their vehicles. Cars would stop to let me cross, and I even got some smiles. I felt like everyone saw me glowing, just being a beautiful princess and walking through town with my spoils. I was upset to leave as always because those two hours flew by like a blink. Especially after all the long trip dates we've had the short ones are such a tease.

So Mr. Big is an amazing man, that has been spoiling me with amazing experiences for a long time. The find I feel like I deserve. He never shows up empty handed. He takes the extra time to shop for me, to get me flowers, to light the candles, make reservations. Regardless of being a married man, he doesn't treat me like a cheap quick fantasy side piece. He treats me like a woman whom he has a relationship with that he truly values. He treats me like I am an important part of his life. He treats me like a goddess, and never comes to my temple empty handed. I have been on a couple trips with other people but nobody has consistently taken on so many the way he has. But whether its in town or far away, every time is an wonderful adventure for my soul. He opens me up more and more, just by loving me. Just by being there.

I can't wait for all the adventures ahead, with you, my Mr. Big. <3


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