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So I got my first date! I was so pumped, of course after my first listing going live I had to filter through the first wave of time wasters. Messaging me and asking a million questions, always when it comes to the please fill out my form for a quick screening part people disappear. Good riddens though right? Anyhoo, I got my deposit and was stoked things were really moving forward. It was late at night, and someone close by in my town. I was texting him as I was getting ready, sending a sexy tease pic and asking if I should bring anything special to wear. I looked at myself in the mirror without one bit of makeup on, knowing I should sit down to do my hair and makeup but it was already late... I thought, I don't need any of that damn stuff! I am a goddess alllll natural. No luxury facade to perform, (although I actually do love to dress up.) I put on a workout outfit and darted out the door. When I showed up he answered the door with a smile. A sweet smile that gave me immediate relief. He had a short buzz cut and was a little chubby, which I LOVED! I honestly prefer a chubby guy over a man with abs anyday. Something about being a petite little fairy turns me on. Something about a bigger man makes me feel secure. Idk! Haha. We talked a little, and he points out the water and fruit I requested. I looked over and it was a single cup of water and a single peach sitting next to it. I laughed my ass off so hard, because usually guys will get a fruit platter or something. It was just a single peach, but it was perfect. SO juicy too by the way! I was grateful he paid attention to detail and listened to my request, good boy. He was being sweet and talking to me normal, but every now and then I could see him take a deep breath and his eyes just soar up and down my body with excitement. So I would go in to kiss him, then pull back giggle and laugh. I was being a goofy girl, talking and stripping down right in front of him to get completely naked, then I slipped on the black stockings he mentioned he would like. After a little more kissing I asked if we should move to the bedroom. He agreed and then picked me up like a wedding bride and carried me to his bed and laid me down. I was impressed for sure. He asked if I ever used one of these before... "One of what?" I asked. Then he continued to show me the candle burning next to his bed, that had a little plastic spoon next to it. He explained when the candle melts it turns into body oil. I got so excited and admitted I never have. He then had me lay back down flat, as he started to pour the hot oil on each of my nipples, rubbing them in and giving me soft kisses. Then he poured some all down my body from my chest to my belly button. I really felt the heat then, but it was good and not painful at all. After that, a little on my clit of course and he rubbed that in too. I was so turned on, I remember just laying there like a cat biting my lip, moaning softly, and squirming around from all the soft rubbing. I kept looking straight into his eyes because I wanted him to know how much I was really enjoying that moment. He would look from my body to my eyes in a rotation, I could tell he was trying to take it all in.Then he slowly slid his fingers inside of me and softly fingered me. Something about the way he did it softly, going up and down to hit my gspot just felt different then the way anyone else has ever fingered me. I could already feel my gspot building up an orgasm. Then he went down and kissed my pussy softly, he served my kitty completely with the tongue AND fingers combo. It was heavenly. In a short pause, we took a break so he could breath (lol) and I got some water. I was peeking into his bathroom and he started to tell me about his shower after I screamed about his bathtub being so big. His shower had a waterfall, a handle, and all sorts of awesome stuff. I admitted I have NEVER masturbated with a shower handle and that my mom revealed to my sisters and I in my teen years that she did. He was so shocked, and offered me to try it. I was like HELL YEA. So I stepped inside, he turned the water on and made sure I was okay with the temperature. Taking the little moments to communicate with me and make sure I was always comfortable every step of the way was amazing. The way it should always be. Then he sat in front of me and aimed the shower handle at my pussy. I was shocked to how great it actually felt. Like a lightbulb moment, wow this is why so many women do this! We then continued to play in the shower, he handed me the handle so I could take control as he turned me around and bent me over. His tongue dove into my ass while I sprayed my clit with the handle, it was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. As if my pussy was at the spa. We decided to get out and dry off so we could get into bed. As he laid down I crawled up his body to kiss him, and press my breast against his body. I stroked his cock with my hand and kissed him til he got nice and hard for me. Once I had him ready I slipped a condom on so the fun could begin. As I sat on his dick, we both exchanged faces and gasps of pleasure.. and then I let loose. I don't even know how long the next part was, a half hour...maybe an hour. But I sat there and rode him to town! Usually, I am a lazy rider but he had a perfect cock, and with all the working out I have been doing this year I am a little bit more athletic now when I sitting on a dick, ahha. I also am soooo much more confident, and comfortable with my body, and not ashamed of being sexual anymore. So I took control and used his cock like a prop, and moved my pussy in different directions that pleased me most. As this happened I started to squirt on him over and over. I was shocked to find even in between the squirting my pussy was GUSHING. There was just tons of liquid leaking and leaking. I was apologizing for making a big mess, and he stopped me in my tracks and told me not to feel sorry at all. He asked my favorite position and I admitted doggy so he flipped me over and laid me flat on my belly and slid his cock inside me. He just pumped it in and out, I think this is when I got the loudest. We also did missionary, and he requested I let allll my squirt out even more so I did. He made me cum sooooo many times before he finally came for me. Hearing his little gasps for air and moans were so precious, I laid down next to him and kissed him and rubbed his chest while he caught his breath. As we got up from the bed we saw a huge wet stain covering his ENTIRE bed. He said he would have to sleep in the guest room on the day bed and I felt so bad. He told me again to stop apologizing and that it was incredible what I did! I showered up and got myself dressed. I started to chat with him and snack on my peach again, he offered me some sodas to take from his fridge and we said our goodbye. I got in my car and blasted music the whole way home. I felt like a goddess, on top of the world. Being spoiled, and pleased. Never do I ever feel more satisfied than in moments like that. A few days later he sent me a surprise tip to my cash app which made me smile. It was a confirmation that he enjoyed our time together as much as I did. When he reads this, I hope this is his confirmation of my satisfaction as well. So the adventures are beginning, and I am excited to report them all! I know some people get jealous to read my experiences with others, but I am here to be authentic and open. I am just a solo bird flying on her journey through the heavens and enjoying the breeze. Until the next adventure.....


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