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Cosplay Updates

What’s up my nerds? (Fanboys movie reference) I hope everyone has been well. I am so sorry it has been a while since my last blog, my life has been super busy!     What have I been up to? Everything  of coarse you know me. I’ve been traveling around for modeling gigs, saving every dollar I can, and applying for home loans. I am so close to my big goal! The one I have been working towards the moment I found out I was pregnant over 6 years ago. I have finally saved a down payment for a home, and now I’m just waiting for taxes to apply for a bigger loan. The first one I got approved for was only 100k, because they went by my ‘17 and ‘18 income.. which was the first two years of my cam modeling business so I made next to nothing. This year I got out of debt, and made more money so I am praying in January I can score the bigger loan I need. Fingers crossed!        Aside from scrolling through housing listings and driving hours away to see houses I am interested in, I have been super busy in content land. As you all have notice I got new equipment just a couple months ago and we have been shooting like crazy! My heart is so happy because I used to look at the top cosplay models and wish I had beautiful pictures like they do. Look at me know I reached my content quality goal! I am finally more proud than ever of my work. Proud to say I am a cosplayer, a model, and a porn producing entrepreneur. I still love my content from the past but I am trying to only push out new stuff.      I just reached my fanclub goal on my onlyfans so get ready to see my fem dom evil queen photoset! We are only 15 members away from releasing my Snow White set ! It’s only five bucks to join so if you want to support me and my work, and my husbands photography of me then sign up and get all our sets and videos!     I have SO many pics to release it’s not even funny! I feel constantly backed up but at the same time I haven’t had time to do a photoshoot in weeks so it feels good to have plenty of new stuff to share.       What are my upcoming projects? Well, I have always dreamed of being a singer/burlesque dancer. Although I have always been to afraid to sing or dance in front of people. So this month I am trying hard to face my fears and record a song for the first time! I am going to start with a simple cover of Santa Baby. Then I really want to make a Mrs. Marilyn Monroe Claus dress to make a music video in to accompany my cover song!       As far as cosplay sets and videos I have so much planned. I want to make a evil queen video where I fuck my magic mirror. (Put a suction cup dildo on my mirror and ride it) I want to make a solo Tinkerbell video as well.       I have a bunch of costumes in my closet I have done pics or video in yet.  But they are the following:    Janine from Ghostbusters

Sabrina Spellman    My own Kitty Quinn ghostbuster    Sexy Han Solo    Sexy latex Spok from Star Trek     Padme from Star Wars (her white outfit)     An upgraded version AGAIN of Mando kitty     Valentine from Josie and the pussy cats      And I have a costume of this Japanese anime character with horns I forgot the name and I’m on a plane as I type this so I can’t look it up at the moment       Sookie Stackhouse from Trueblood       Domino (comic book character)       Lara Croft from Tomb Raider       Android 18 from dbz       Chi Chi from dbz So those are a bunch I have already and need to shoot. There are some other cosplay goals I have in the future after that...           Barbarella           Valeria from Conan           Gender bend of Flash Gordon           Lagertha from Vikings           Xena the warrior princess Some of the costumes I can buy, they are extremely expensive but definitely able to buy. Other ones I can make most of it myself. So really it’s about getting through the costumes I already have so I can work on new projects. I am not in a rush though because I know I can’t cheat time !      It is honestly so hard to do all that I do especially because I am a mommy So all while I could totally get on webcam all night and work on costumes I can’t. I have my little dude I have to constantly tend to, and even sleeping without me is something he struggles with so even at night I usually need to be there to hold him on my chest so he can fall asleep.      I love it though being a mommy, it makes things hard and a lot slower for me to reach certain goals but in the end it’s all super worth it because he is the one that has motivated me to become successful and set high goals for myself. Otherwise I would probably be roaming around in An RV right now.       Well I promise to blog more soon! Share some more awesome stories from my life, for now I just wanted to touch base and say what is going on and what you all should be looking forward to. I also do costume commissions so if you want to see me in a certain cosplay and are willing to donate to buy it or for me to make please feel free to email me about it at ❤️ I recently got an email from the guy who commissioned me to do Black Orchid a few years ago, that he wanted to get me a custom latex version of the costume so I sent my measurements and we are waiting on that to happen ! So my black orchid fans get ready because that is coming too. Much love and light though my friends, until next time! Xoxo Sent from my iPhone

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