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Closing my Books

.... I know the dreaded words many have feared to hear. But change is afoot, and I am entering a new era of my life. I know most girls do "one last time" bookings but I just didn't have the time to do that.

Between being a single mom, and my modeling/porn career growing I just don't have the time. I also, have a boyfriend now and we started a taboo onlyfans page together so a lot of my schedule is now consumed with making that new content. Yes, the one good fun thing I have for myself, I have also turned into work , haha. BUT it is my PASSION!

I will say I have noticed all my regulars ghost me since they have found out about my new partner. Even though most of them are married themselves, but it just goes to show it was a lot more than sex people were pulling on me for.

Which I love, that I have been able to provide friendships and companionship for people who felt an empty part inside themselves. So I know a lot of people probably feel like they are losing a friend. But honestly, I don't care. Why does everyone else get to be married and have beautiful families but not me? Why am I going to push myself to stay alone to sustain the temporary relationships I have with clients? Then everyone else gets to go home to their wives, while I sleep alone at night because I know trying to have a relationship with someone on my end would interfere with my companion business.

I have sacrificed a lot for many years for you guys, my suitors, and I am finally entering a time of my life where I want to spoil myself, tend to my own garden. I want to allow myself to enjoy all the yummy splendors life has to give, including love. My partner is an absolute king too, he hasn't encouraged me to close my books at all. He has been nothing but supportive and actually encouraging me to continue bookings.

The truth is, it isn't just about him or me. But I have a son, and it is his last couple years before he is a teenager. The past two years I have been NON stop traveling the country, and the world. From shoots to bookings...and I really miss my son so much. Even the little moments like packing his lunch for school, or helping him with homework when he gets home. When I travel for all these bookings I am just constantly gone, and I feel like I am missing the last few precious years of his childhood. All my daddies out there know, it goes by SO fast. So aside from the list of reasons why I am closing my books, the truth is my son is the reason that triumphs over them all. Money will always be out there in the world, but time I can never get back.

ALSO, when I first started my luxury travel companion business back in May 2019 under the name Emily Monroe, that is when I noticed my modeling career changing. I was out doing bookings, making so much money so fast, and never home. So I stopped doing cam shows, and content. I didn't work on cosplays anymore, and I basically was trying to resell old content over and over to keep it afloat while I was gone.

I started my Kitty Quinn brand 7 years ago in November 2016. from my socials to my fan clubs, everything was growing so rapidly when I was at home consistently camming and cosplaying! Getting nominated for award shows, and letting my creativity shine through on the internet. Being a travel companion changed all that, and I lost a lot of my online presence over the past few years.

My KQ brand is something I plan to grow the REST of my life. So I know I won't be making all the crazy companion money in a short time anymore, I will have to adjust back to a more humble lifestyle, but I know my online income has a huge opportunity to grow massively if I put the work in like I used to.

Back in January at AVNs I announced I was no longer doing onlyfans collabs, because I wanted to go back to solo content and cam modeling. I wanted to get back to my roots, being a cosplay model creating projects and making visuals with them. But it is months later and I still haven't been over to filter over into it. I have a raw 3D printed Mandalorian helmet in my closet just begging to be worked on! So I knew in my heart I would have to let go of bookings to have the time and energy to get back to my Kitty Quinn brand.

So many wonderful things are happening, aside from my new TABOO page with my partner, I also have a new website that is hiring me to make content EXCLUSIVELY for their site launch. So I have been focusing on filming those videos before I get back into a cam show schedule. I also fly to LA today to shoot my first Brazzers scene. They said its going to be a "top-ad" scene which means it will be on the front page of porn hub, I am SO excited!! I will also be at Xbiz Miami next month, and attending the award show. (I hope I win best cosplay streamer!)

So just to let everyone know I won't be doing date bookings anymore, but I will be diving back into my cam modeling career. You will see me stream on Twitch and MyFreeCams (18+). You will also see my content primarily on my two onlyfans pages.

I will also drop my email and website so you can find all my other links, as well as my contact for custom content!

I know some suitors really care about me and will still send me occasional tips to support my new life while I am going through huge financial changes, and I know others will completely disappear. Either way I understand, for those who want to continue to spoil me you can send gift tips to my cashapp $MissKittyQuinn or Venmo @Kitty-Quinn-1

.... or reach out if you are interested in custom content! I will make a list below of things you can reach out to me about for commission! And thanks again for all the wonderful memories, I am so sorry if you never got to meet me but was hoping to! Follow my socials just in case I ever announce opening my books up again. does one catch a sunbeam in their hand?









phone pics/clips

Hi-Res Canon camera pics/clips

worn costumes

ASMR audio clips

used toys

chewed gum


pussy/anal gummies

signed and worn sports jerseys/band tshirts

Skype shows

(email me if you have something specific in mind)


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