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Updated: Aug 9, 2020

So this one is by request, several of you ladies have reached out to me for advice on  how to start cam modeling and selling adult content. There is so much info on the internet I know this blog isn't even necessary  but I realized people are seeking answers and maybe they want them from me because they feel a sense of trust with me?  Either way I am all about the sisterhood, and will do what I can to help, uplift, and empower my fellow sisters.

        So before I make a list of different ideas and sites... the first step to doing this is making the decision to do this, and how you want to do it. Let me tell you now there is no certain right way to do this, it is your business, you do it your way. That is the beauty of it. Putting yourself out there on the internet is an intense and difficult, thing, most of all is to have fun and stay light. Don't get sucked into the void of vanity where you suddenly are trying to fit yourself into 'what's trending' and chasing numbers. Because EVERYONE is trying to be an online model now, and there are a ton of new websites. So the truth is, making money in this industry it takes a very very long time to build up so you need to have the passion to really want to do this even in the slow times. 

         You also have to accept your body will be out on the internet forever, and no your family won't 'maybe' see your stuff, they definitely will. You have to be proud of your decision with no regrets. You can block regions and what not on certain sites but now a days people can dig up everything.

      Should you worry? I say no. It is your body, and if you want to share it with the world, DO THAT. Don't let others rule your body, it is your gift and you have the right to do whatever with it. Plus, the more people that free themselves with sexual expression the better because it will normalize it. Come on now, we are all adults we all have nipples and buttholes. etc. Get over it. Haha.

        SO, You are ready?! You want to be a sex goddess?! Share your inner seductive mistress with the world? I am going to make a super easy and simple list of ways to do so, and make money doing it too!

  CAM SHOWS- This has always been the absolute best way for me to make money personally. There is nothing more exciting than shwking your ass live and interacting with your fans directly. Not all these cam sites take 50% cut which is standard for porn stream sites, which is why being on a site with a lot of traffic is important so I avoid newer sites and stick to the ones viewers have trusted for years. My fav sites are:

SNAPCHAT-This is great to sell while live on cam or even offline through social media. If you can't do live streaming this is a great easy way to start making money right from your phone. You can sell this through your cam site with tokens, accept amazon gift card trades, use FanCentro , or IndieBill. Some people also do Venmo, Google Wallet, or Paypal  but you are technically not supposed to because they forbid adult transactions so make sure your donater puts "This is a gift" in the note for extra protection.

FANCLUBS- Making offline fan clubs are always a great idea! This way you can post professional photo sets, videos, cell phone pics, personal diary entries, etc. You will see a video/photo section below but there is a difference between storefronts to sell single items and having a monthly fan club with exclusive content  to build a relationship with your viewers so they can return again and again. My favorite sites are (They allow nude but not pornographic content so keep this in mind if you want to post naughtier stuff.) (Sell texting services)

VIDEOS/PHOTOS-People love videos more than anything now a days. Especially when it is time to fap! Whether you want to do nude vids, cum vids, workout vids, there are people who love to watch all sorts of clips. So have fun and consider selling them on your cam show because that's where they would sell most. But a lot of girls like to have may clip stores to pull in loot from several places!

So there are many options! Snap chat, live cam shows, videos/photo sets, and fan clubs! Depending on what you want to do and your life style. I have seen pole dancing cam shows, eating food ones, video games, body painting, dildo riding, crafting, singing, you name it ! You can do nude, or non-nude. It is your show so it doesn't matter. Have fun with it ! 

              Hope this was a not so confusing basic guide to getting started,l  will make another blog with links to basic beginner equipment to start and tips. PLEASE email me at with any specific questions that I can answer for you! Much love, and congrats on taking control of your body, and your independence as an entrepreneur! Good luck and let the games begin. xoxo -Kitty

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