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All I want for Xmas is.....

to move into a house! Yes, I know so basic of a goal. Though, I want a yard and a cam room SO BAD. I just want that comfort most of all. In order to move to a house I need to raise my credit score. I have been denied on my last three house applications because of my score... (I keep applying yes I know, I have highest of hopes.)

I have a lot of credit card debt from my divorce in the past two years. It pains my heart to be paying cards I used, from supporting my bum ex during the separation. I am STILL paying for his shit all this time later! I now suffer the consequences from just trying to be a good person in the process. So I have been in a debt consolidation program to work on that debt.

The shitty part about it, is they basically let my credit cards sit all year unpaid, my score goes down, but my creditors get desperate and they agree on very low settlements to close the cards. Yes, I will pay thousands less than I actually owe. BUT, now I am stuck in a place I don't want to be and am unable to move all because of my credit score!

So I called my program and had them remove my 4 lowest accounts so I can pay them off myself ASAP! There is a $900 card, two $600 cards, and one $500 card. So if anyone wants to donate and help your girl out pay pal and cashapp go directly to my account! I am trying to sell all the magazines and prints I can to help as well. To get rid of these cards, I am thinking of doing a custom video for each card. So I can work on a video project, and knock the card out! I need to pay these off ASAP because it takes a month for credit to update.

Seriously guys this is all I want, I don't want anything off my wishlist... I am thinking of taking it down as much as everyone wants to buy me christmas gifts this year all I really want is to pay off this debt. I just want freedom and peace of mind. Not for anything when I move I can finally start my tattoo business and make MORE money!

I had a sweet supporter who recently gave me a loan to help me move and we did a signed agreement and everything. Once I got denied on my application I sent the money back as soon as I could. As I didn't want a loan to spend the money on something else and get myself in even more debt if I wasn't even able to move. I feel to shy to ask the same person again for a new loan. So if anyone is in a sweet mood and is able to help me out with a personal loan for a few grand to pay these cards off right away, and I pay you back over the next 1-2 months...let me know!!

Okay, Okay..... aside from moving the only other main things I would want for Xmas is to get my teeth fixed, and my lip tattoo removed. So I know I am beautiful yes, BUT I have been insecure about my smile when I was a kid. I have a big white spot on my front tooth. I know some of you may think I am ridiculous and you cannot notice it, but I do. Especially in person smiling around people.... I am just not as confident as I should be. My dentist recommended resin bonding as a cheaper option and it is still $2200! So if anyone wanted to send me a dental certificate that would be bomb! Also, I got my lips tattooed by a newbie last year and she totally messed it up. The tattoo lines are over my lips, and fading so you can see it is messed up work. Every day I take pics and stream I have to put makeup over it to hide it. So my mouth needs work! My lips and teeth, and I am just tired of holding myself back from opportunities because I am hiding my mouth.

Like I always say, nothing is expected. I am just here writing to the void. Who ever the heck out there actually cares about me and takes the time to read this... thank you. For just listening alone! I love you! Also, be sure to check my Patreon and Onlyfans page for my exclusive content...links at


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