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All I want for Christmas is.....

Hey babes!!! HOW ARE YOU?! I have not been writing lately, I knowww, I am sorry. I know many of you look forward to my stories. It is hard being so public with such intimate adventures, as much as I LOVE sharing, it does effect those around me so I am just figuring out how to do this gracefully.

Anyhoo I hope you all are well, I am doing FAB. That Halloween show weekend took a lot out of me, in many ways. I was physically AND mentally exhausted. I also did some spiritual growth, letting go of old beliefs/habits and absorbing new ones. So it just has been a LOT all around. I have set myself up a Miami photoshoot tour December 1-4th with 6 top photographers. Getting ready for that, I am doing everything I want to pamper myself and get ready for all my big shoots! Tattoo work, cosmetic procedures, dental, cleaner eating, working out, and pole dance classes. I also moved my breast implant replacement surgery to right after my shoot tour. So I will be on bed rest in Fort Lauderdale for a little over a week. I will admit, being beautiful is TIRING. I am so grateful and blessed feeling though. I have been working hard, and working on myself all year long. I have been creating a savings account for my home buying goal....but I want to treat myself and invest in myself along the way so I am spending the rest of this year focusing hard core on myself.

Sounds a little selfish huh? Well I have been taking care of others for as long as I can remember so I deserve this time! I am a little bummed my December is getting so busy with personal things that I don't see much time for bookings. I know when I get back from surgery in South FL I will be I may only see one or two select people that I know and trust that will be gentle with me. <3

Either way, near or far, I expect my babes to SPOIL ME FOR CHRISTMAS! You don't understand, Christmas has been SO glamourized in my mind since I was a kid. It is my absolute favorite day of the year, I love the magic of it all. It is also the most ROMANTIC day of the year to me. When I was a teen every year I would be sobbing if I didn't get asked out on Xmas day, lol!

So I would realllly reallly love to be showered with gifts this year. This is the year of me, and receiving. I will shamelessly tell you the things I desire and want. Those who take action to take care of my desires, get a place in the deepest part of my heart.

I will first off start by saying anything I get on my Amazon wish list from this point out I am not opening anything from my P.O. box until Xmas day. I am going to wrap all the gifts and open them either on LIVE stream or on a video. I want to do a fun gift opening event! ALSO, some of the things I am listing are things I have already paid for but I would really love someone to replace the money in my account for it! I want to feel super stress free and not feel bad about dipping into my home savings.

So, Santa Baby, for Christmas won't you get me........

NEW BOOBIES!*** $4,998

So these I already paid for, but I would way rather have my new boobs attached to a friendship! Who wouldn't want to look back and smile about being the one to invest into a super models boobies? LOL. Well, I am getting them replaced because my current Saline implants are bottoming out. It makes me super uncomfortable and restricted feeling when I create nude content. I am going to get gel gummy silicone implants, which will also feel SO realistic compared to the saline ones. There is nothing I want more than to be comfortable and confident with every inch of my body. I will be getting this surgery done in South Florida, early December. Along with the surgery cost, I have to be on bed rest unable to work for a couple of weeks. So tip extra!


I haven't paid for these yet and I am waiting for the true exact total from the Dentist but it is roughly 1500 per tooth and I am getting the first 4 done. Again, I have a beautiful smile and this isn't needed but I want to be happy with every detail of my body. I am tired of being afraid to smile big, I want that confidence and glow to grow!


So my current couch is breaking and I would love to finally get my dream couch! For years I have been moving from state to state and I always have cheap walmart futons... mama wants to get the nice big fluffy sectional couch of her dreams!!! I constantly have to fix my couch a few times a day because a piece of it rolls away. Drives me nuts! Please take this stress out of my life. :)


This I don't have yet but it is my dream! I love those Raptors, I also love Chevy trucks. It would just be m DREAM to have a truck. I don't like my lame mom SUV lol, I need something BIG and BADASS!


Never in my life until this year have I wanted fine jewelry. Silver and Gold chains with pendants, hoop earrings, diamond studs, nose rings, toe ring, finger rings, & bracelets. I just want to be dressed in expensive jewels like a queen what can I say?


I don't take the time to shop for clothes for me often believe it or not. I usually just invest in lingerie and costumes. Which I would love too btw..but I wouldn't mind getting money/giftcard specifically for shopping. I have never had anything GUCCI or LV before so I would love to have some high class spoils this year. LEVELING UP BABES. SHOE SIZE:7 PANTS/DRESSES: 3 SHIRTS: medium


This one is a BIGGGG wish but I am putting it here purely for manifestation purposes. I don't want an actual castle, but just a house that looks like one. I have been to the Castle of Joy in NC and fell in love. I would love my own personal castle to grow old in, live out my princess and queen years there, grazing my property making beautiful content for my online brand. The thing I want most is enough land and space around me so I can be completely alone in privacy to create content as I please. I dream of gardening naked and squirting on my flower beds. ^^

Thanks for taking the time to read about my top wishes. Feel free to email me about any of them, or you can really wow me by sending the funds without warning! That always makes me scream, lol. I have:

Cashapp $Misskittyquinn

Venmo Kitty-Quinn-1

For any of my larger gifts, I will definitely send a delicious thank you cum video to show my appreciation. Aside from this list, be sure to go check out my Amazon Wishlist. Just a little tip, when you add a Wishlist gift to your cart, then you can add ANYTHING on amazon to the card, even if it isn't on my wishlist..and it will ship to my po box address. Which I will list here too anyways for those who want to send gifts that are not on amazon. Though, I want to say I am SO beyond grateful for those who have done so much for me already. I am happy, content, and not in a constant panic mde of survive anymore. It feels so good to finally just be enjoying life. Money tips, instead of specific gifts are always appreciated too, the funds are all collectively going towards building my dreams. Thank you for being a part of it. Be back soon for story time loves! Xoxo -Kitty (p.s. this is an old Christmas cosplay pic of me! Peep me before I got my nose done.)

SHIPPING ADDRESS FOR GIFTS: P.O. Box 16364 Asheville NC 28816


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