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A new poem

Here is something I wrote last night... it just kind of came out of me. Which is crazy, I grew up writing poems but I stopped for a long time. I recently found one poem I wrote in Greece last summer and it's inspired me to start writing again. So here is a little something.....

My heart full of fright

My heart full of lies

Enveloping my soul

And my innocence inside

Convinced I am doomed

It's an undeniable fate

Counting the days

Til you finally wake

The blossoms will die

The soil will dry

A bitter long drought

Before my heart cries

Before my heart dies

Before all the lies

And the truth

And the pain

Pours down from the sky

And I will not find

The ability to heal

Something that's lost

Something not real

New seeds will be planted

New hopes for my life

But I'll always be haunted

By your ghost...

All my life ❤️‍🔥

1 commentaire

Damn girl. This is deep! Keep writing 🩷🩵

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