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4K OCTOBER with Kitty Quinn!

Hey there everyone. It has been a while since I have blogged. I have been back and forth in the past and now I am here to stay. Honestly, I regret not blogging consistently all these years. All the years of travel, change, and experiences. Though, it is never to late.

Truthfully, I have been dealing with depression the past two years. I have gone through a divorce, gave up everything I had, my first house, my car, all my furniture etc. I lost allmy money, went into 12k credit card debt, and additional rental debt. I moved 4 times in the past year alone. With my kid and dogs too. So I am exhausted, I have experienced deep and hard family now I am trying to pic the pieces up. I am trying to figure out who I am now.

Thank the stars, for my Kitty Quinn brand. It is the one thing that has been consistent in my life the past five years. So that is all I know to do right now, focus on cosplay and camming. With all the changes I have gone through, I have changed as a person as well. I don't want to be a little hobbit in the mountains anymore. I realized I do enjoy the fun of living near a big city being a south Florida gal most my life... but Florida has to much risks involved in my mind for raising my son. So where do I find my compromise between then peaceful mountains, and the exciting beach? I have found peace in Georgia. A state I said I hated for so long, only because I lived in a boring town there once before. (And my dad always told me he got stabbed in Atlanta when he was young.) So I have been blindly bias.

Meeting my new partner though, has opened up my eyes to the beautiful parts of Georgia and the life of the suburbs. I realized all the comfort I have in living in a neighborhood. Feeling safe knowing people are in homes close by and I am not secluded on the side of a mountain. Which sounds nice in theory, but is honestly terrifying in real life. I love seeing kids playing in the street, reminding me of my own childhood and the bustling neighborhood I grew up in. I crave that for my son so badly. To be in a fun place with museums, theme parks, and a plethora of sports teams! I used to want to give my son the simple life, but the older I get the further I stray for my off-grid dreams. Which I still hold in my heart, but I realize it takes a lot of money and prep to get there. I realize I do need to hustle and play the system right to reach that peace and freedom one day. So I want to put my family in a place where we have opportunity to build the life we want either way.

Wow, life realizations and life in the suburbs! You know what you want Kitty, why not go? Well, I have a 4k rental debt on my credit from all the moving and lease breaking this past year. I can NOT move til I get rid of this debt, I have already been denied TWO house applications. Which is heart breaking for me, because IREALLY want to start my permeant makeup business, (eyebrow tattoo.) My mother in law has a salon where I want to move and was going to rent a room super cheap to me so I could get my business going. So as frustrated as I am, because I see where I want to be and I am not there yet. I am stopping, taking a breath, and regrouping.

So $4,000 .... I think to myself how can I make this NOW. What tools do I have NOW. Well, myfreecam sand onlyfans are my Top Two. So this month of October I am just going to try my best to grow them further. I am going to do a bunch of cosplay shows and specials. Though, I need to think of extraaa ways to make money. So I am considering opening up an Etsy Shop again where I sell handmade art and clothes. (I used to do this when I lived in an RV.) I also want to try to push my new Men's Brand a bit more . I need to sell more Playboy and Hustler magazines too! Plus, photography? I have no car but I am thinking of offering local business and families quick $100 shoots. I also am trying to stream on Twitch more as well. Doing fun shows to get subs and donations! I also am going to continue to do Custom Videos and photosets until I am out of debt completely.

So I have a bunch of little ways to bring in income, the hard part is consistency. Being spread out so thin its hard to keep up, and with being a mom to a kid and two dogs. I have only so much of myself to get everything done. My heart sinks when my kid begs me to get off my phone. Though, i tell myself to be strong. I trust it wont be much longer I will have this pressure hovering over me in my life.


I have been moving every year, sometimes a few times a year for 10 years straight now. I am tired, I want a place to call home. So this is a help KITTY FIND HOME conquest.

I want comfort, and traditions. I am a family gal at heart, I want comfort, peace, art, and gardening in my life. I want a base for my soul to create.

So if you want to help me with my goal I have a list below of ways to donate and things to donate for ! If there is an idea you have not on the list, don't be afraid to email me at . Also, I am looking for more art commissions to do! I do want more art and cosplay commissions! I do a lot of full nude content,and I love it but I want some variety to my income.

Paypal (please donate as friends and family)

Cashapp $MissKittyQuinn

Venmo Kitty-Quinn-1


Solo fetish Vid 20 min $300

Boy/Girl fetish vid 20 min $400

Solo fetish vid 60 min $500

Signed Playboy or Hustler Magazine $50

Custom Poster Print $40

Custom 8x10 Painting $60

Body Paint Cosplay Request $250

Custom Hi-Res Photoset 10 images $100

Custom Hi-Res Photoset 30 images $250

Custom Body Pillow $40

Custom Polaroid $30

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Oct 03, 2021

So beautiful..god damn

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