My Goals

Here are a list of my personal goals I am working towards. Some are things I want to buy, places I want to go, etc. If you would like to donate towards a goal you can through Paypal, Cashapp, or Venmo. I also have a Amazon Wishlist with a bunch of goodies I would love to be spoiled with! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me reach my goals.


So my life has completely changed this year! Becoming a single mommy

has been a hard thing but I am getting through it. Right now my immediate focus and first goal is to move. Where I live now I don't have a full kitchen, air conditioning, a cam room, or a room for my son. I really want to move to a suburb neighborhood where I can put my kid in a good school and give him a good life. I also want a comfortable place to work so I can stream and create more content... So I am saving first month rent, security deposit, pet deposit, moving truck, and other miscellaneous money for utility deposits etc. Anyone that donates this is SUPER appreciated and I do not mind rewarding with a video call, custom photoprint, photoset etc. But please note this is considered a gift, if you, want custom content specifically please reach out to me directly. Thanks again for all the support. Click on the DONATE button to send some love my way!

Goal Amount: $4,000