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This page is like a virtual Dream board! This is a more personal thing, but I thought I would share it with the world so it can help me manifest better. It will be a mix of things from stuff I want most off my Amazon Wishlist, to financial goals, health goals etc. If you do want to help me with any of my goals that is GREAT! I will leave Paypal donation buttons at the top and bottom of the page. (Please know that donations are gifts, they are not for purchase of content, please reach out to me on my customs page if you want personal content!) ***Items marked Amazon wishlist are clickable and take you right to it!) 

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LED Lights

I really need these for my photography! I am hoping to start doing more self shoots and start a photography business. (Amzn Wishlist)

Get out of CC Debt: $10,306.31

This is my MAIN goal! I cant get married, buy a house, or have my next baby until I get out of debt first! This is the one goal I currently want help with the most the sooner I am out of debt the sooner I can relax mentally and move forward with manifesting! *Will update remaining amount monthly.


Twitch: Reach first 100 subs!

I love to stream and it is something I would love to do fulltime! Subscribe to my Twitch stream to support my live shows. Click the picture to sub now!



Skin care is a HUGE importance to me now a days. Way more important to me than make-up. I aim to make my youth last as long as possible. (Amzn Wishlist)


$450 + tip

I have waited years to find the right artist, and I finally have! I have very beautiful eyebrows naturally but they are very short, being a mommy and model it is extremely hard to find the time to do makeup. This is something I want just to give myself more time and freedom to hustle without worrying about doing my makeup every time I need to film or shoot!


Laser Eye Surgery:


I have had glasses since the fourth grade! I would love to finally get Lasik so I dont have to depend on contact lenses and glasses. Regardless of whichever I wear I am constantly uncomfortable and would love to finally get this done one day!


I need a white one first, but I have added several backdrop colors to my Amazon wishlist to start building my photography studio! (Amzon Wishlist)

Saline Lip Tattoo Removal: $300 + tip

I got my lips tattooed recently, and it was unfortunate I didn't pick a good artist. She overdrew my lips and now no other artist will touch them until I get the extra ink removed. It has been such a confidence killer and is the main cosmetic fix I want ASAP!


Find the first 10 people to share Neora with!

I am working with a Wellness company to grow my brand AND share some super amazing products I use personally. I am hoping to grow as a business woman and get started with sharing Neora with my friends, my goal is the first 10.

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