My main goals!


Pay Off Lease Breaking Fee

I have two months left to clear this fee for leaving my FL apartment! I REALLY want to buy a house in the next few years so it is important to me to pay this off before it goes to collections, or I get sued.


Get out of CC Debt: $10,306.31

This is my MAIN goal! I cant get married, buy a house, or have my next baby until I get out of debt first! This is the one goal I currently want help with the most the sooner I am out of debt the sooner I can relax mentally and move forward with manifesting! *Will update remaining amount monthly.


Twitch: Reach first 100 subs!

I love to stream and it is something I would love to do fulltime! Subscribe to my Twitch stream to support my live shows. Click the picture to sub now!

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