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What I do, & how it all started

        I am a woman of many passions, so I am constantly working on many different projects. It started as a kid, I grew up painting, drawing, and recreating my clothes into fun new outfits. In high school I got my first DSLR camera and fell in love with photography. I loved to shoot nature, landscapes, and self portraits in my funky school outfits. Once I graduated, I moved away from home to begin my journey in the world. Living on Miami Beach, is when I met my partner. We instantly fell in love, and with that he saw how much I wanted to model and decided to help me make my dreams come true. 


We started learning more about photography together, we would go to Parks all over South Florida and just practice shooting and modeling. We eventually got pregnant, and our shooting slowed down as we started to focus on our new family on the way. We had a thirst for adventure though, and wanted to escape our Hometown and start a new life in a  beautiful place where we felt safe to raise our new child.


So we bought an RV, remodeled it, and hit the road. We had plans, but they fell through. Nothing was going to make us go backwards though forward only, so we kept driving, following our hearts, to our new lives. 

       We started an etsy shop while we traveled, making custom tie dye clothes, costumes, wands, runes, art, and more. I would create things and then model them for my shop! It was a dream come true, I could do art and modeling for a living. It barely paid the bills, but it was still surreal. We settled in the western NC mountains and found the area we felt was going to be our new home.


As I slowly learned my new mother's body, we started to shoot even more. Though, we added conventional day jobs back into our lives, we found ourselves trying to create and move forward but still barely able to get ahead on goals due to our gigs. 

     So one day we quit our jobs, and decided to start a cosplay and cam modeling business. Where we would create costumes, travel, do photoshoots, and do erotic videos and shows in my cosplays. Starting from nothing, I opened a MFC page, a ManyVids page, A premium snap chat, and started an Instagram and Twitter.

    It has been three years since we took the leap that day, and changed our lives. Since then we have traveled to so many places, met all kinds of amazing people, and our work has grown in quality over time.


So Kala Droid takes all my pictures and videos, and I do all the editing. Sometimes, when we can fit it into our busy lives, Kala will make music himself for our content. We do it all ourselves, the whole production from beginning to end. 

        As of now we run a fanclub, where we release all of our newest content first. Some of it is exclusive and never gets released to the public. We do lingerie, fashion, nude, cosplay, body paint, anything we want! We also have a video store where all my clips are released, then I post a little here and there on Youtube, and Pornhub to bring traffic to my stores.

        We have recently upgraded all of our photography equipment, and have a ton of new work coming out. If you love what we do and want to see us keep reaching our goals, join the fanclub, get a video,  or visit my merch store! Every bit of support is appreciated from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you all for being here!

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Naughty Chucky 

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Free on the Mountain top

A set of me hanging out at home.

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